Spring Summer 2021: Accessories Trends


This summer, even if we can’t make it to the beach we are channelling trips to the seaside through shells and colourful beaded necklaces. We also saw that chunky chains got even chunkier, whilst streamlined cycling-like sunglasses looked not-out-of-place in their numbers next to Vivienne Westwood aboard a fold-away bicycle. 



At Versace, Alberta Ferretti and Toga we saw colourful beaded necklaces and shells, reminding us of childhood sea-side holidays and the excitement around finding an immaculately shaped shell and treasuring it as a souvenir from the ocean. 



A key trend that we noticed was big, bold earrings on one or both of the lobes, as a quick route towards elevating your look – from where we see it, this trend is both extravagant and self-assured, and the core message: if the earring is bigger than the ear it is fastened to, then you are doing it right. Take Schiaparelli, Act N.1 or Dolce and Gabbana for examples if you aren’t sure where to start.


The adornment of the body with ornamental pieces does not stop on the ears – Bevza’s necklaces are made with curvaceous sculptures that are delicate, smooth and shapely.



Chunky chains were everywhere from Viviene Westewood’s thick and heavy links, and Victoria Beckham's chain that anchored a large gold ring to the neck, meanwhile, Act no.1 layered silver chains in a more subtle and lightweight ensemble. 



Conjuring up dreamlike, romantic images of summer evenings, delicate silk floats perfectly on a summer breeze and Dondup, Margiela and Etro were not alone in putting silk scarves on the agenda. Printed with bold colours and patterns, the silk scarf acted as an accessory to jazz up any bag handle and hairstyle or was worn in more traditional scarf fashion, around the neck.




One of the messages we heard loud and clear was that when taking back out into the world, we must remember to shield ourselves from the unforgiving glare of the sun, and it was Beatrice. B and Philosophy and Spyder who were amongst the many brands that reminded us to make sure we're dressing up with that extra layer. 



Cycling glasses, but for any occasion. The streamlined eye shield that is designed both for UV protection and for speedy movement – they are functional and ready for action if needs be. Is it any coincidence that Vivienne Westwood and Leowe both rolled down the runway…?



If we are doing anything at the moment it is not staying still. We are moving forward and asking the future for what it has in store. Not only that, but we are doing it sustainably: Vivienne Westwood arrived on a foldaway bicycle and Leowe on a skateboard.


 +  Words: Niamh Heron, Luxiders Magazine 

BA Journalism and Media Graduate, based in Leeds, UK

Connect with her through Instagram @niamh.heron or LinkedIn