Steps For A Sustainable Skincare Routine | Where to start?


Being conscious about health also involves skin care. There are different routines that can be used to improve our facial condition. Here we bring you the ideal skin care routine with sustainable options and proposals. So you can learn how to take care of your face while protecting the planet... 


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Basically, the skincare routine depends on each person. Everyone's skin type is different, so it is wise to choose what is right for you. It is essential to know the products we use, as sometimes their ingredients can be harmful and toxic. Fortunately, nowadays there are many possibilities to turn the basic steps of a skincare routine into sustainable ones.

Facial cleanser is a product used to remove dirt and dead skin cells. It also helps to keep pores clean, free of contaminants, which reduces the chances of skin conditions such as discoloration or acne.
There are many amazing options to perform this first step but if you are looking for a sustainable option then you can opt for cleanser bars. A version of bar soap that has been around for over a decade and has innovated into something greener.
Although there are gel, foam and cream versions of cleanser; solid bars generally feature much more natural ingredients, some are packaged plastic free, vegan and are created based on cruelty free standards.

Definitely part of this routine includes toner. An agent used to refresh and soothe the skin. It also prepares each skin type for the products to be applied afterwards, as it diminishes the dirt and oils that the cleanser was unable to remove.
Toners are water-based, but some are overly fragranced and alcoholic, leaving a negative rather than a positive effect. It is important to be careful with formulas out there as they can be harsh on the skin.
So, if you didn't know, you can choose to buy organic toners with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The fact that they are organic benefits the skin in different ways. Based on ingredients like eucalyptus, aloe and peppermint they refresh the skin in the long run and can even modify the condition of your pores, as well as restore your ph.

The face serum is what's next to make your skin gloom. This is a liquid treatment that delivers active ingredients directly to the skin to brighten, deflate, hydrate, anti-aging, protect and clarify. This is a key product that should be used after the first steps to ensure a complete and fast absorption of the properties it brings.
Some of the main compounds that a serum brings are vitamins A, C and E. Which makes it possible for one to create in a more natural and sustainable way one's own product. Homemade serums are becoming increasingly popular because of the ease in which they can be made. The serum is water based so it is easy to create, there are different ingredients to choose from but the best are: rose water, vitamin capsules, aloe vera gel, argan oil, lemon essence, roots, almonds, green tea and even hyaluronic acid.


The eyes are an area of the face that many people forget about when it comes to skin care. It is a fact that this area is also exposed to a lot of debris, as well as the effects of dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. So it's time to assume that the eyes also require ingredients to take care of them.
There are usually many sustainable eye cream brands available in stores and markets where one does their daily shopping. Which undoubtedly offer amazing products. But, if you would like to change your mindset a bit you could also boost your eye care through fresh foods. For example, cucumbers are a well-known product that can help you take care of your eyes, as their properties contribute to the elimination of dark circles, puffiness and bags.

Moisturizer is a skin care mainstay. It is a lotion, balm or cream created to seal the layers of the skin with all its nutrients and protect them from environmental irritants. Through the combination of several ingredients this step is responsible for keeping the skin moisturized and creating a barrier that repairs the skin. It is advisable to buy a moisture that suits your skin type as using the wrong one can seriously affect the condition of your face.
Unlike the other steps, natural products are not a common option. But luckily there are sustainable moisture brands that have a refill system. So consumers have the opportunity to not increase the demand for plastic containers and reuse the one they already have to get the product. 100% recyclable packaging for refill is a totally innovative approach that helps reduce waste and carbon emissions.


If you want a glowy skin then facial oil is the answer. Using oil increases the skin's hydration, and mainly contributes to its elasticity. This prevents and minimizes the signs of expression. Although it also serves to prepare the skin in case of using makeup and having to use foundation. They have many minerals, vitamins and high amount of amino acids to restore the dermis. They are beauty products easy to absorb.
Special care must be taken in this step since skin textures (combination, oily or dry) can become unbalanced.
A sustainable way to carry out this part is by using natural oils. These are gentler on the skin as opposed to synthetics. The most commonly used natural oils today are coconut, rosehip, marula, argan and jojoba.

Finally, the last and most important step is sunscreen. With the increasing exposure to UV rays due to ozone depletion, it is important to have sunscreen available at all times of the day. This not only protects the skin from the sun but also slows down aging, reduces the appearance of spots, moisturizes the skin and prolongs the skin's tan.
Basically, sunscreens contain active minerals to create resistance, which is why concerns have increased as to whether this is healthy for the skin. So, as consumers it is important to purchase this product from clean brands. Which have organic ingredients and are zero-waste.


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