Sustainability News | Breaking Headlines from Week 31, 2020



This week in headlines: Luxiders Magazine brings you the most important sustainability news from across the world. From the opening of McDonald’s first ever sustainable restaurant, to the passing of a new animal welfare bill and a country’s official declaration to becoming deforestation-free, Luxiders lets you stay informed so you'll never have to miss an update.


McDonald’s First Sustainable Restaurant To Open In Australia

McDonald’s 1000th restaurant in Australia, will become the fast-food chain’s first ever eco-conscious flagship.  Set to open in Melton South, Victoria later this year, the building will be constructed from recycled materials, powered by 100% renewable energy and offer sustainable, fibre-based alternatives to conventional plastic cutlery and straws, in an effort to prevent ocean plastic pollution and minimise waste.

These initiatives are part of McDonalds ‘Scale for Good’ program, to help reduce the company’s chemical and carbon footprint across restaurants throughout the world.


UK’s Demand for Vegan Food Skyrockets In Lockdown

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, British consumers are increasingly shifting towards plant-based diets, in order to help improve their health and nutrition. Supermarkets currently report strong sales from their vegan food and drink departments, as numbers of ‘flexitarians’ soar.  This has elicited an 128% increase in vegan trademarks being registered by multinational companies in comparison to last year. From meat-free ‘mince’ to plant-based ‘shroomdogs’, dairy-free ice cream, cheeses and more, it seems this sustainable turn in food consumption is on the rise



David Jones Launches One-Stop-Shop For Sustainable Brands

David Jones’ has relaunched its ‘Mindfully Made’ platform for the second year, as part of its mission to lead positive change in the fashion industry.  Every fashion, homeware and beauty brand featured on the Mindfully Made portal must meet at least one of the following criteria: ‘Australian Made’, ‘Community Minded’, ‘Sourced with Care’, ‘Reduce and Recycle’ and ‘Kind to Animals’, with the emphasis on progress, not perfection. Overall, Mindfully Made’s objective is to ‘support customers in making informed shopping choices’, whilst celebrating the quality and durability of chic, lasting pieces that can be enjoyed in years to come.


World Capital of Design Launches SDG Project

The Spanish city of Valencia, named the World Design Capital 2022 as a result of its longstanding commitment to strategic, effective design throughout its public policy and infrastructure, has recently announced the start of a new project. In line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the project aims to broadly promote sustainable design throughout the city, in areas such as politics, education, urban planning, communication, tourism, innovation and culture.


Norway Becomes First Country To Ban Deforestation

At the United Nations Summit in 2014, the Norwegian government made a pledge with Germany and the United Kingdom to ‘promote national commitments that encourage deforestation-free supply chains’. In 2016, Norway made an official declaration to become completely deforestation-free, and as of this year, this plan has materialised. In other words, Norwegian lawmakers will no longer award any government contracts to companies that take part in the clear-cutting of trees. Thus, helping to combat global warming, restore the natural ecosystems of our planet and save thousands of species from near-certain extinction.


New York Senate Passes Bill Banning Pet Sales

On July 21st 2020, New York joined the growing number of states who have prohibited the sale of cats, dogs and rabbits in commercial pet shops.  The New York Puppy Pipeline Bill (or S. 4234-A) passed by an overwhelming majority of 48-12, in response to growing awareness surrounding the abusive and exploitative ‘puppy mill’ industry; whereby dogs are unethically overbred in cruel conditions to produce as many puppies as possible.



56% of Americans Are Thinking About Sustainability More Than Ever

According to a new survey by San Diego-based bioengineering company Genomatica, sustainability ‘has moved from a fringe preference into a core imperative across American life’. Investigating Americans’ support for sustainability in regards to ideologies, lifestyle habits and the products they buy, the study concludes sustainability has become a ‘top-of-mind issue’; with 85% of Americans thinking more or the same amount about sustainability since before lockdown, and 56% of Americans wanting both the government and brands to begin prioritising sustainability, even while facing other issues.


UK Government Announced Sustainable Plan for Waste Management

With the transition period of Brexit drawing to a close, the UK Government has agreed to transpose targets from the EU’s Circular Economy Package into UK law. This includes a commitment to reach 65% recycling rates for municipal waste by 2035, and to reduce landfilled municipal waste to a maximum of 10% by 2035. These legislations aim to move the UK towards a more circular economy that rethinks waste production, whilst minimising greenhouse gas emissions.


+ Words:  Stephanie Frank, Luxiders Magazine

London-based student and  journalist Stephanie Frank has become dedicated to repurposing fashion as a force for good and is committed to writing about the interfaces between sustainability, fashion,  lifestyle and culture.

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