Sustainable Christmas Decor Ideas



Are you dreaming of a green Christmas? It is that time of year were consumption levels rise drastically and while it is still important to enjoy this magical time of year in good company, one also has to consider the environmental damage that comes with the overconsumption of Christmas decor, gifts, food and beverages.  


According to the Guardian, the average UK household splurges over 800 pounds on food, drinks and gifts during Christmas time. Moreover, the average of gifts bought every year equals to 17 per individual. 30% more waste is generated during this time of year, taking into account the wrapping paper, Christmas tree ornaments and 1 billion cards that all end up in the bin, which finally are burned in landfills.



There are several alternatives to using average Christmas gift wrapping paper from the store and contributing to the paper consumption movement. Sometimes it’s just a matter to open your eyes, look around your house, think outside of the box and be creative! Old newspaper, advertisement, magazine paper or fabrics can be recycled and used to wrap your Christmas gifts.



You don’t have to invest in the thousands Christmas tree ornament that not only break so easily, but also contributes to the plastic consumption. Think outside of the box and hang old polaroid films on the tree to pump it up and make it personalized and fun! Alternatively dried fruits such as orange peels, paper decorations, baked goods such as ginger bread men or simply elements taken from nature: pinecones, flowers, colourful leaves.



Instead of buying a candle holder, empty wine glasses are a great alternative, giving your home a distinct and fun look. Everyone loves to receive a handwritten card, but have you considered using recycled paper instead?



 +  Words: Sofia Sovera, Luxiders Magazine Editor