Sustainable Experience and Green Saturday | Our date in Momad

Within the Sustainable Experience area, Momad will present a selection of fashion brands with sustainability at the heart of the brand. A positive fashion designed, manufactured and distributed respecting the people who make it and the planet. Last Edition, for example, the sustainable fashion offer was characterized by exceptional quality, design and sustainable values. If we add to that the value of "made in Spain" and the quality-price ratio of Spanish design, the offer was further enriched.
At the Sustainable Experience area, we will find fashion brands, footwear, and accessories, all previously curated by the organization according to ethical and sustainability criteria. Atelier Costa, Beauty of Things, Innbamboo, Root Sunglasses, Marita Moreno, Soruka, Hammerhoj Design, Skbags & Gifts, Castor Sunglasses or 9 the Brand are some of the brands we will find there. 
For those who want more, we recommend to meet some of the new winners and finalists of Momad Talents by ISEM, a contest organized by MOMAD in collaboration with the ISEM Fashion Business School. The winner, ANHET, for example, is a Spanish fashion brand for women that is in a constant search for improvement. Its commitment to limited edition garments designed and produced locally in its hometown, Cádiz, increases ethical awareness and contributes to the local economy. Bousiinne (finalist of the Contest) is a company that makes designer handbags in Spain out of natural materials, in line with the Slow Fashion philosophy.


Green Saturday

On Saturday, 8th of February, Momad will celebrate the Forum Green Saturday, all about sustainability and the future of the fashion. There, several experts will discuss the implementation of sustainability in the fashion industry. Throughout the day, professionals from different disciplines related to fashion will be having discussions on topics including, “Implementing sustainability in the footwear sector” (Ana Belén Muñoz, from Inescop): “Pacts and agreements in the textile industry” (Belvis Soler, from Luxiders Magazine and Triana Alonso, from Fashion Network), “Textile strategy: thinking from the future” (Blanca Gomara, from B2FABRIC); “Reinventing yourself, new business models” (Gema Gómez from Slow Fashion Next, and Santiago Martínez Losa, from Merakii), etc. There, also the first edition of Sustainable Fashion Week Madrid will be presented by Paloma G. López. Organized by the Sustainable Fashion Association of Madrid the first Sustainable Fashion Week Madrid will take place from February 6 to 9 in different locations of the capital of Spain.

Luxiders Magazine will participate in the Panel Talk “2019: Pacts and agreements in the textile industry”, on Saturday, 8th February, at 13:00 hours.


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