4 Sustainable Fashion Designers To Watch | Discovered at Ukrainian Fashion Week



BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit, the largest event dedicated to the development of sustainable fashion in Ukraine, took place online on February 7, 2021, during Ukrainian Fashion Week No Season 2021. We discover for you the best sustainable collections on the catwalk and the designers who created them. 



On our aim to discover new talents who experience and are passionate about creating sustainable fashion, on February 7, we attended the Ukrainian Fashion Week virtual catwalk to learn about what is going on there regarding sustainable fashion and how are the collections of designers who are committed to sustainable fashion in the country. The experience –despite being digital and therefore not allowing us to touch and discover the most hidden details of the collections–, was quite enriching.



DHL Express Ukraine and young designer Yulia Postushnaya, brand POSTUSHNA, collaborated to present upcycling collection made from the used DHL uniforms. This special capsule-collection is meant to actualize for society, business and government the problem of utilization of used work uniforms. 

This upcycling collection was inspired by the ever-moving modern metropolis. The bright flashes of yellow lights in the windows of high-rises and the ever-red traffic lights of night avenues and intersections of a big city are setting the general tone of the collection. “Feel and do” approach encouraged me to go beyond the boundaries of acceptable forms and gave me an understanding of how exactly I will use materials to convey the aesthetics of a modern metropolis by and large,” – the designer Julia Postushna commented on her collection.



This is our favourite collection, without doubts. DZHUS AW21 collection is, indeed, a uniform for multitaskers. DZHUS transformer pieces cannot be classified in a standard way: their modular structure allows to modify clothing in numerous ways, including its metamorphosis into accessories. The concept of a constructive wardrobe of a few multipurpose items provides endless styling option and minimises shopping, at the same time. Thus, DZHUS implements the sustainable consumption philosophy in an alternative way, with a focus on creation, not limitation.



A new format of the fashion show was presented as a part of BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit. Ukrainian fashion brand CHERESHNIVSKA presented the new collection Sketches of Tactility. Unique AR decorations for the fashion show was created by digital studio FFFACE.me, and set-designer Love Curly.



BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit hosted the premiere of the film “Action: Sustainable Fashion: Artisanal by LITKOVSKAYA,” a special episode dedicated to a sustainable demi-couture line that pays homage to Ukrainian textile traditions. Every piece in this collection has once been a garment that was destined to be thrown away – but for LITKOVSKAYA every object is worth being transformed and having new life breathed into it. As life itself is put together from thousands of incredible moments, the Artisanal collection by LITKOVSKAYA combines the multiplicity of elements – textile scraps, leftover fabrics and upcycled garments from archive collections.