Fanm Mon, a true Ode to Individual Style


Fanm Mon did not start as fashion label, although. It started as a hobby. Just when the founder moved from New York to Turkey, she realized it was her true calling. As a child of nature, she felt she was responsible to protect the planet. It was extremely hard to find the balance. She realizes now, this is the primary reason why she avoided designing even much earlier on. This is the happy story of Sophia Dermitas, who created with her husband the luxury and sustainable womenswear brand Fanm Mon. 


With the desire to wear something original, Sophia Demirtas began her fashion journey creating what she could not find in New York City. Soon after, friends gravitated to her designs and began buying her jewelry.

It was not until she relocated her family to Turkey and began to make jewelry again that she was able to fully embrace her creativity. She began to sell at Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Nomads Yards and throughout Turkey. She realized that something bigger was in her future and transitioned to womenswear. Sophia began sketching and sewing, and with a growing demand from friends and others, she decided to open an atelier in Kiev.

“I can do without the over grown ego!
I am an optimist, and have pretty thick skin, not much faze me.
The more rejections I get, the more I evaluate it,
learn from it, and better position myself for the next round”.


The power of dedication

“I use to think of doing something and conclude: does the world really need another one of these? Motherhood made many things a lot more complex, but at the same time simplified a lot of others. I embrace my creativity the same way I do motherhood. As I matured I understood it was not whether or not the world needed another dress, but would it be fare not to share my vision with the world? And in deciding to express what I felt and saw as an artist, came with a major responsibility. We all can absolutely co-exist, make beautiful things, without hurting our only source of life” – Sophia explains us.

When we ask her about the eco and ethical labels in her wardrobe, she just name one: “Fanm Mon! Before starting the brand, I detached from the better known high-end brands. It was in my desperate search to find ethical brands, and more relateable designs, that Fanm Mon started”.

“Be flexible, have integrity, grow thick skin,
do not be discouraged, be wise with the time spent of social media!”


Sophia is extremely conscious! She tells us her family do not use certain products in their home, as nature is a huge part of their lifestyle. They make an effort to educate their boys about nature, self-care, and supporting/promoting ethically made products. “We are also surrounded by a group of friends who are conscious, and we swap information”.

She recommend us The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul: “It would be a better known reference, all thought not fully ethical... but with dedication, some amazing products, and the work of conscious artist can be found” – she suggests. She also recommends us some films: Fractured Land, which is more a documentary than a film, very raw and emotional; and Mandira Filozofu (a Turkish film).

From Turkey to the world

To Sophia, in Turkey, it is a bit challenging to find sustainable restaurants or eco-spots,  in the last 4 years they have lived there, they have seen minor changes. The good read of it is that she has more time for her label. “The beginning was a lot easier. I made everything myself. Now with an atelier and staff, I have to travel more, it takes a toll. Specially because our children are still young” – she declares. “The growth of the company has been steady. I am very clear with my message, and now more and more people are gravitating to our delivery as well”.

Fanm Mon uses primary linen.
The last collection is the merging of two cultures...
It highlighted the similarities of the tropics and Mediterranean.


“I think people take themselves to seriously in this industry. At the end of the day, we are all trying to find our way, no matter how well established a person is. Consumers should take charge! They should have a voice, and care to understand how what they are buying is made”.

Before saying good-bye, Sophia confesses us she loves Stella McCartney: “She is the best”, and also the retail online store Maison De Mode, that focuses on sustainable fashion and where we can find its last Collection.

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