Sustainable Fashion Hunters, Madrid is calling!



MOMAD, Madrid es Moda, the biggest fashion fair on the Iberian Peninsula, will take place from September 12 to 14 in Madrid. It will once again demonstrate its commitment to sustainable fashion through the Sustainable Experience area and and interesting program of conferences on sustainability in fashion, which will be held on September 14th.  Luxiders Magazine will participate there sharing its know-how.


MOMAD, Madrid es Moda, one of the main commercial events for professionals in the textile and clothing industry in Europe, will be held again in Madrid, from September 12 to 14, 2019. On this occasion, the event will bring together more than 900 national and international brands of fashion, footwear and accessories that, together with the events of Intergift, Bisutex and MadridJoya, will create a great fashion event bringing together more than 56,000 fashion professionals from 80 countries. At least, those are the expectations of the organizers.

Once again, sustainable fashion will have a special role thanks to the Sustainable Experience area and the program of conferences on sustainable fashion that will be held on September 14 and in which Luxiders Magazine will participate sharing its know-how. In addition, those responsible for the event convened the 2nd Edition of the “Fashion, Sustainability and Business” Contest, which will reward the best exhibiting companies in Sustainable Experience, according to their design, raw materials, production, social responsibility and brand and product image in general. Luxiders Magazine is one of the members of the distinguished jury.



Sustainable brands to have in your agenda

Before visiting the Sustainable Experience Area, it is important to know a little bit about the brands that will be exhibited in the event. We have visualized them one by one and these are our favorites.

In the fashion category we find veteran brands that are making a dent in the international market, such as Magan Barcelona. Specializing in women's clothing, always knitted, the company already has more than 200 points of sale in Spain. We like their basic designs created with natural materials with GOTS certification, which guarantees that the garments have been created with social and ecological responsibility.

We have also found new brands that we did not know and that have surprised us by their chic and ultra-feminine design. If that is what you are looking for, you will like Ana Ikigai, a sustainable fashion brand with years of intense work that seeks to beautify the women with feelings, women who are alive, a with a conscious aim.

If you are looking for avant-garde, groundbreaking and sustainable design, go to D The Brand, a company that makes clothes responsibly, conveying a positive message of love and hope, for people and nature. The style of D The Brand is minimalist, perfectionist and, especially, with awareness. D The Brand won a well-deserved First Prize for “Fashion, Sustainability and Business”, launched last edition by Momad, Madrid is Fashion. Luxiders Magazine was member of the Jury.

For the most avant-garde, we recommend visiting The13SnakeProject, which was born with the idea that we all should buy a concept: authenticity. At the heart of the project lies a connection between sustainability and design. This Peruvian brand wants to return the value to the ancestral crafts of its country. Urban, different and unisex collections for a sustainable future.

For the most classic, Fil Noir transports us to the culture of Italian clothing, since the history of the brand begins more than a hundred years ago in Certaldo, Tuscany, where the brothers Luca and Lorenzo Manzini took over the clothing factory from his father in 1899. An impeccable craftsmanship, the best cotton fabrics and fair prices are the guarantee of this brand's success.

For those looking for footwear, we recommend seeing the new collection of the Portuguese brand Marita Moreno, which we could see and touch during the last edition of Neonyt. It is wonderful!! The brand cares about the creative process and uses quality materials for durability. We also like Mariettas by MB Mallorca. This company proposes its own designs 100% handmade in Mallorca. Bohonomad, on the other hand, has surprised us by its new generation sandals, antibacterial, ecological, vegan, very comfortable and light.

Jewelry is also important to have. We like Nehcaa Jewelry. The firm creates jewelry with a sustainable soul for men and women aware of nature and human values. The noble metals they use are certified by the Fairmined responsible mining alliance, which guarantees that the miners get a fair wage for their work, free of child exploitation and conflict zones, investing in social development and environmental protection. We also recommend visiting Bamboleira, a Colombian jewelry brand with fashion accessories inspired by the legacy of ancestral traditions, supporting the country's talent and caring for the environment.



Becoming aware

To disseminate knowledge about the importance of sustainability in the fashion sector, the organizers of Sustainable Experience organize again a conference program in which Luxiders Magazine will also participate."The challenges of entrepreneurship in sustainable fashion", "The media, key actors in social transformation", "Helping companies to implement sustainability", "Change, Cambio, Action", "Innovating in textile supply chains"; these are some of the conferences and round tables already confirmed.


Luxiders Magazine will participate in the round table on “The media, fundamental actors in social transformation”, together with representatives of the fashion magazine Marie Claire and Belén Kayser, an independent journalist specializing in sustainability.


 Second “Fashion, Sustainability and Business” Award

Momad announces the 2nd Edition of the “Fashion, Sustainability and Business” Contest. A jury of sustainability experts will choose three companies / designers exhibiting in Sustainable Experience area, taking into account parameters such as design, raw materials, production, social responsibility and brand image. The prize consists on a free stand for the February 2020 edition.

Marisa Fatás, editor of Vein Magazine and founder and director of Kalon Madrid; María López Escorial, collaborator of Future Planet, El País and Business Commitment; Belvis Soler, co-founder and director of Luxiders Magazine; Belén Kayser, collaborator of El País Negocios, Ballena Blanca and Marie Claire; Blanca Gomara, co-founder and partner of B2Fabric; and Ana Belén Muñoz, responsible for the Department of Environment of INESCOP, compose the jury in this edition.


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