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This week we had a chance to visit London’s trade show Jacket Required that showcases a carefully curated international line up of contemporary menswear, streetwear, accessories and lifestyle products. This year they dedicated third of the show to sustainable and ethical fashion brands that are trying to make a difference and their AW20 menswear collections. It is an amazing step forward and we hope to see all future fashion events of any kind giving more and more space to the conscious brands, as it is very important to introduce them to the consumers.



The whole show was hold in Truman’s Brewery in Brick lane, which is a fairly big space that give an opportunity to tons of brands of many different kinds. To get to the showrooms you needed to walk through the long hallway with massive print all over the wall that said REDUCE, REPAIR, RECYCLE it was a part of the Raerburn campaign and it is just so important to normalise these words and encourage people to act upon them.

First showroom as we already mention, was dedicated to the sustainability and we could find ethical brands like Komodo, Recolution, jeans from United Change Makers, stylish backpack by Ucon Acrobatics and many more. We also had a chance to speak with some of the designers and find out more about their collections.



Daisy King

One of the exhibitors was a new fashion brand called Daisy King. Fresh, fairly new, very east London vibe brand full of prints and colours. Creation of two amazing people, designer Daisy and Tom, that does all the illustrations. The first collection is called ‘I like you a lot’ and the inspiration were the feelings you experience when you really like someone. The main print of the collection is called ‘Gardens’ and it shows the story in London park, that has been transformed into psychedelic weird place, full of plants and bizarre animals.

We asked Daisy, what lead them to have a sustainable brand “because we are brand new we thought it is the only way to enter the market, there is no way to start a brand now in our opinion and not factor in sustainability so we just try our best”. All ready-to-wear is made in London factory that is zero waste and use renewable resources. T-shirts are made in a fair-trade factory that is specifically for t-shirts in Bangladesh, it is all organic cotton and printed in the UK. They don’t use any synthetic fabrics, only cotton, linen and Tencel. Labels are also made in the UK as they trying to minimise the carbon footprint.


“I think that fashion should be really about self-expression but not trend based not fast. Finding really key pieces and wear them in your wardrobe for a long time. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be loud and tell the story.”





The next freshly new brand we came across is called Thalassophy, brand that started only two months ago. The collection is made of 100% recycled marine and landfill plastic. The story first began when founder Leigh used to do a lot of eco style travelling, like canoe down Amazon river or sail to Antarctica, it was on those trips when he started to notice certain things and thinking how he wants to relate the ocean plastic to kind of a business. Then he thought about swimming and it organically went from there.

The collection includes shirts and shorts that you definitely want to own not only on holidays, with modern take on the classic prints. The installation included dozen empty plastic bottles, that Leigh found outside on the streets in less than 5 minutes.




“I hope that transparency is going to be the key. I don’t use word sustainable at all, I think lot of people and brands only use it as a marketer buzz word. It is impossible to be 100% sustainable so for me the future of fashion is transparency, so no one can hide being anything.”




The brand that probably stand out the most is Raeburn. British brand that is breaking all the rules. Part of their London store is “the lab”, place that that works kind of like an open kitchen in the restaurant, you can see all the production that is taking place there; transparency at its finest. “Inspiration behind the last collection was the idea of taking an object and breaking it down to every single element by using every single last thread, every single piece of material and incorporate that into what we do.” - says the designer. 

They took the Anti G trousers, worn by fighter pilots and the 1960 survival suit from the US army deconstructed it and turned it into really amazing art pieces like jackets, wallet and bag, using all the components, detailing and threads.


“To use the materials that are already there, instead of the new ones. You can use existing textiles to make something new, amazing and conceptual.”





This purpose driven brand’s latest collection has quite earthy colour pallet and also introduced more golden which is unusual when it comes to certified production, it is amazing that there are pushing the boundaries and showing everyone that natural fibres have many possibilities. Our favourite piece from the collection would probably be the winter jackets with beautiful prints. Dedicated is a brand with great graphics and collaborates with iconic artists while creating unique and diverse collections.

In 2012 they started to introduce certifications; today they are working with GOTS, Fairtrade Certified Cotton, GRS recycled polyester and natural fibres such as Tencel.


“First 10 years I have been doing lots of travels in production countries and saw the massive environmental destruction caused by the fashion industry. The rivers of death and the pollution pouring out to the ditches and streams. It is heart breaking to see.”


+ Words: Kristina Kasparova

Kristina Kasparova is a creative nomad, free spirit seeking real conversations and inspiring stories. Czech made, she is currently based in London, focused on more ethical fashion and sustainable life.

Instagram: @kristinakasparova