Sustainable Fashion Responding To COVID-19 Crisis With Solidarity | 4 Cases To Learn About



This current pandemic has been an unprecedented event for every industry. The response to Covid-19 by the fashion industry in particular has shown its solidarity, with a number of companies offering support and donating money. Luxury and sustainable fashion are lending their support to healthcare systems, and this not only takes strain off but boosts morale in an uncertain time. There are a myriad of companies stepping up, but here are just a few you should hear about.



Based in London, ELLISS is a sustainable womenswear brand that prides itself on its low impact across the supply chain. Covid-19 has affected the already strained NHS, so ELLISS has stepped in to help. Their ‘SCRUB UP!’ campaign in collaboration with Rayon Vert gives instructions on how to make scrubs at home. Hospitals up and down the country are in desperate need for PPE and with most people at home, it is the perfect way to come together in solidarity and support the NHS. They have provided instructions on where to get fabric, how to make scrubs, and which hospitals are accepting them. They have brought together the public, creating a community that works together to help those in need. From novices to experienced sewers, this campaign has boosted morale in this pandemic.


With ethically sourced materials, this sustainable brand hires artisans to create exotic handbags and accessories. Their brand values seek to help communities and those in need whilst also providing high-quality fashion with a low carbon footprint. Piper & Skye has announced that they are donating 20% of its net proceeds from all purchases to aid in the production of masks. Masks are vital PPE for healthcare workers and yet there aren’t enough to go around, often leading to workers having to reuse masks when they should be discarded. Piper & Skye have also shown their support by collaborating with ‘Sew Here’s the Thing,’ employing sewers to manufacture masks from home. They are distributing these masks to shelters for abused women across Canada. There has been an increase in domestic violence, and it’s admirable to see brands supporting those that are even more vulnerable due to this crisis.




On March 26th, online-only brand Nobody’s Child announced that they would be temporarily closing their website. They released a statement which read ‘we don’t feel right, ethically or morally, continuing to sell and distribute non-essential clothing during the COVID-19 pandemic.’ In the meantime they are using their socials as a means of escapism from followers, posting pictures of their beautiful clothing and uplifting messages to boost morale. Their Instagram is full of colourful posts and they have their hashtag #NobodysAlone to spread the positivity. Nobody’s Child has shown that its sustainability doesn’t stop with their clothing, they put people before profits.



LA-based Reformation announced that it was closing its distribution centre amidst this pandemic. This comes after they closed all their global stores with the reassurance that they will continue to support their employees financially for as long as they are able. A week after this announcement, they took to Instagram to let their followers know that they are partnering with the City of LA to make masks in their factory for essential workers. They have a page on their website to purchase or donate masks packs to those in desperate need. These steps not only show what a great sustainable brand Reformation are, but it shows their solidarity during an unpredictable time.

All of these brands hold sustainability at their core, but this does not stop at ecological sustainability. Supporting those in need and your employees shows the importance of social sustainability within fashion brands. We need to remember the brands that are offering their support, whether its campaigns or inspirational Instagram posts that bring some positivity to your social media feeds. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this pandemic and those that continue to work hard and offer their support.


+ Words: Shaelei Parmar

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