Sustainable Sneakers and Shoes revolutionizing the hope


Combining innovation with long-term savoir-faire is a major challenge, especially when we talk about the creation of sustainable products. Nature provides true natural resources for the way into the future. Technology gives the key to catch it. Creative minds with passion & compassion are transforming the actual footwear world into a better one. Would you like to know who is leading the last Sustainable footwear Innovations? Keep on reading then...


The second edition of the green fashion fairs of Berlin, called Neonyt now, showed progressive street, casual and urban wear, jewellery made of scrap from the metal-processing industry or recycled gold and silver and progressive sustainable sneakers and shoes. There, we discovered how ecological textile technologies are changing business in shoes, trainers and leather. Sustainable materials, intelligent processes and applied industrial innovations... yes, but what products impressed us the most? Which new footwear brands are making giant steps in the world of sustainability,  from the ones already known? We're not going to beat around the bush. We present the freshest sustainable footwear innovations that are revolutionizing the way we are walking the world.


Nat-2 x Roxxlyn Real Stone Sneakers

They are probably world's first time real stone sneakers 100% made in Italy. The companies Nat-2 and Roxxlyn have joined forces for this true "german engineering" project and sneaker collection for women and men made from real stone. Real slate stone has been made light, soft and flexible through a very complicated and state of the art technology, which was probably used the first time or footwear.

The luxurious sneakers are produced fair and by hand at small family run manufacturer in Italy and feature in addition to the real stone also finest kappa leather and reflecting glass. The well known Nat-2 high end cupsole is 100% rubber. Every pair is unique. 

Mimycri x Lars Trucks Nike Air Jordan 1 "I am Many"

These sneakers are the result of a unique collaboration between mimicry and the Berlin sneaker artist Lars Trucks. Made from rubber boat material, which was collected at the Greek beaches of Chios after the crossing from Turkey, the sneakers form part of the 2nd mimicry collection "I am Many". Each shoe is handmade and carries a story of courage and hope.

Just to let you know, mimycri is a registered non-for-profit organization in Germany. In a diverse team, refugees and Berliners make history tangible by working together. They are upcycling broken refugee rubber boats into high quality bags and backpacks.

Iinsoft & Ector

In Ector, they believe that it is possible to associate style and the circular economy! The new sneaker Ector has been designed for the planet. The company only needs 6 plastic bottles to manufacture a pair of Ector and we will be able, at the end of life, tor recicle them at 100% for a new pair.

Ector is part of the circular economy that means it never really dies!

Andrew by Josefin Liljeqvist

Josefin Liljeqvist is an award-winning Scandinavian luxury fashion tech brand. The brand's first product is a traceable leather footwear called Andrew, launching the fall of 2018 and has been in development since 2015. Andrew is a groundbreaking combination of supreme craftsmanship, traceability and sustainability.

The worlds first traceable leather footwear, haven the end consumer to become the independent checkpoint of the leathers traceability. Each footwear is uniquely coded, having a debased number combination on its upper, allowing the customer to trace each leather part back to the specific animal. 



Hoboshoes is a German shoe brand, founded in 1982 by Ferdinand von Haeseler. It is a personal, compact and very ambitious company with a vision for sustainable footwear. Shoes from Hobo are particularly durable, are produced almost exclusively in Portugal under fair conditions and it is getting more and more natural leather and recycled materials moving into production.

The classic chelsea boat "Adan" is reinterpreted offers some eco-features missed. With the lupster pad reinforced Anti-Shock outsole, this shoe is a bit heavier than the other boots of the Hobo Ecologic series. An eye-catcher is the great, cuddly natural leather. It is vegetable tanned, very soft and adapts wonderfully to the foot. Another exciting detail is the outsole with polka dots. Here was worked with recycled rubber.


Rhubard Leather by Deepmello

Rhubard Leather is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional and environmentally harmful chrome tanning. Instead of that, the company uses an extract of rhubarb roots to tan. Rhabarberleder is a sustainable production 100% made in Germany. That means: cultivation of rhubarb biomass, extraction of tannins, origin of raw hides, leather tanning and finishing. 

The samples in the showcase were a very soft nappa leather without normally applied plastic coating and a used look leather with a wax surface. 

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