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This week in headlines: Luxiders brings you the most important sustainability news from across the world. From the top fashion week stories, to newly released sustainability reposts, Luxiders lets you stay informed so you’ll never have to miss an update.


Inside Pepsico’s 2019 Sustainability Report

American multinational food, beverage and snack company ‘PepsiCo’, has recently released its 2019 Sustainability Report; outlining how the company is helping to build a more sustainable food system. The report reveals PepsiCo’s progress over the past year in regard to six focus areas including agriculture, water and packaging; in order to support the well-being of planet, without compromising on consumer choice.


L’Oréal Group Unveils Plan to Be Sustainable by 2030

Beauty conglomerate, ‘L’Oréal’ has just uncovered its ambitious sustainability plan for 2030. The plan includes a promise to achieve ‘carbon neutrality by improving energy efficiency and using 100% renewable energy’ by 2025, in addition to reducing its carbon footprint by 50% and utilizing exclusively recyclable or biodegradable plastic packing for all of its products by 2030.


Natura & Co Launches New Sustainability Goals

Brazilian personal-care cosmetics group ‘Natura & Co’, responsible for ‘Natura’, ‘The Body Shop’ and ‘Aesop’, has recently launched its ‘Commitment To Life’ for 2030.  ‘Commitment To Life’, is a comprehensive sustainability plan that aims to address some of the world’s most pressing issues such as the climate crisis, societal inequality and protection of the Amazon rainforest.


Stella Jean Will Be Skipping Milan Fashion Week

As the first black Italian fashion designer to gain popular recognition, Stella Jean has been presenting her collections in Milan Fashion week for years. However, in light of the surging number of racially-motivated attacks across Italy and elsewhere, Jean has expressed that continuing with a collection this year would feel as if ‘nothing was happening. Thus, the designer will be skipping Milan Fashion Week, in order to raise awareness of racial injustice and to support the campaign against it.


Ralph Lauren Shares Progress On ‘Design The Change’ Strategy Towards A More Equitable And Sustainable Future

Ralph Lauren has just uncovered its annual Global Citizenship and Sustainability Report for 2020, including a detailed update on its ‘Design the Change’ strategy.  ‘Design the Change’ is a project, established by Ralph Lauren in 2019, that aims to encourage sustainable practises throughout the brand’s supply chain and beyond. This year, Ralph Lauren has set time-bound goals and partnerships through ‘Design The Change’ regarding wilderness preservation, greenhouse gas reduction and water security.



The Myth of ‘Green Growth’: New Study Reveals How Overconsumption and Affluence Is Blocking The Possibility Of A Sustainable Future

A recent article published by Wiedmann et al. has come to identify that overconsumption and affluence are major drivers of unsustainable trends. In order to remedy this, Wiedmann et al. argues that societal reform is necessary and we should not just be dependant upon technological solutions.


Puma Launches Third Biodegradable Collection Since 2016

German activewear label ‘Puma’ has announced the launch of its latest biodegradable ‘Design to Fade’ collection. In collaboration with Dutch bio design specialists ‘Living Colour’ and ‘Streamateria’, the collection features innovative ways to produce and dye textile sustainably.


Michael Kors Is Leaving New York Fashion Week

From Dries Van Noten to Giorgio Armani, to Gucci, YSL and now Michael Kors: major retailers across the world are beginning to opt out of fashion week.  In light of the coronavirus epidemic, designers have increasingly reflected upon how the fashion calendar needs to change.  It seems previewing collections that won’t be available to purchase for an additional four months no longer makes sense in the context of today’s fast paced society. Thus, designers are breaking away from the regimen of fashion week as we currently know it. Instead, producing collections when it is most economically and creatively beneficial to their brand.


EU Formally Adopts New Sustainability Taxonomy To Reduce ‘Greenwashing'

On the 18th June, 2020 The EU government passed a universal framework to reduce the phenomenon of ‘greenwashing’ across its member states. ‘Greenwashing’ is a deceptive marketing process referring to when financial products are advertised to be environmentally sustainable, when in reality, they are not. Therefore, the EU has passed a new sustainability taxonomy, allowing consumers to easily recognise what products are genuinely sustainable.


+ Words:  Stephanie Frank, Luxiders Magazine Intern

London-based student and  journalist Stephanie Frank has become dedicated to repurposing fashion as a force for good and is committed to writing about the interfaces between sustainability, fashion,  lifestyle and culture.

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