Sustainable Wishlist to start a wonderful New Year 2019


We have picked out the best sustainable items to start the new year 2019 with a big smile. From the best skincare natural oil to a bag with an impressive social story, check out our go-to list for awesome sustainable presents for you and everyone on your list this year. 


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Vivienne Westwood & Burberry


Why to buy: This longline double-breasted jacket has been tailored in Burberry's archival Vintage check wool. A silhouette first seen on Vivienne Westwood’s debut menswear runway in 1990, it has two chest pockets and exaggerated peak lapels. It is made in Italy. 


What we love: This first collaboration between the iconic British designer and Cool Earth patron Vivienne Westwood and Burberry supports the rainforest charity Cool Earth. In support of Cool Earth, this unique collection of re-imagined iconic styles in celebration of British heritage, will help keep rainforest standing and play a vital role in stopping human-induced climate change. The limited edition collection, which is the first collaboration for Burberry under Riccardo Tisci, was launch in December 2018.


Price:  $1,527 USD / 1.350  €  |  Shop it now: Burberry


Anglomania Collection 


Why to buy: This collection follows the concept and mood of the main Vivienne Westwood Unisex collection – a valiant unity of all, fighting for a free world economy. The soldiers of this cause have returned successful from the war. The theme comes through in the use of military and practical/workwear silhouettes and details in the fabrication and prints.

What we love: Some fabrics selected have more of a North African and Middle Eastern feel, presenting the idea of unity of cultures and people. Unity in opposition. Crafted from viscose, this Pourpoint Polo Neck Dress has been designed for a fitted shape. This ultra-feminine dress is detailed with tied cuffs, beautifully exuding fluidity when in motion.


Price:  USD $434 / 378 €  |  Shop it now: Vivienne Westwood


Nadia Fedora hat 


Why to buy: by Vanja Jocic couture hats is a young Swiss label specializing in making unique, limited edition headwear. by Vanja Jocic couture hats are entirely designed and handcrafted in Geneva, Switzerland, using traditional couture hat making techniques, tools and the finest materials to achieve the highest quality.

by Vanja Jocic collaborates with craftswoman across the globe to bring you unique one of headwear pieces. The label believes collaborations projects preserve traditional craftsmanship and provide income stream to the underprivileged.


What we love: The HOPE Collection of hand embroidered hats and berets has been realized in collaboration between by Vanja Jocic x SEP Jordan. Every hat and beret have been entirely hand embroidered, providing income stream to artists who happen to be refugees, giving them back their dignity, purpose and hope.


Price:  $344 / 302 €  |  Shop it now: By Vanja Jocic


Chelsea Boots by Handmade®


Why to buy: These Chelsea Boots from HANDMADE® are your best choice when it comes to high quality leather ankle boots. They are made only out of the best materials, using full grain leather. The boots come with a waterproof waxed leather exterior and a soft leather lining interior. A stylish and comfortable choice that goes well with any outfit. Let’s not forget that with every purchase from them, you make the world a better place by helping the artisans in disadvantaged areas of Colombia and Spain. Also, there are no middlemen in the distribution process, the shoes go straight from the hand of the artisans to your hands. This way they manage to keep the prices low compared to the big corporations.


What we love: Each pair of shoe made by them is an ethical product handcrafted by happy artisans in family owned workshops. They developed a disruptive business model as they don’t hire the artisans, instead they help them build their own workshops. Since 2010 they have built and grown 12 workshops in Colombia and helped more than 5 in Spain. There is a lot of work put into each pair of shoe and the difference can be seen in every detail.


Price: 139 € |  Shop it now: Handmade Matters


Eleanor Bag


Why to buy: This classy weekend bag is made out of recyclable paper! It resembles leather, it’s waterproof, tear resistant and very light weight. It can be used as a large everyday bag or as a weekend or sports bag. This is an excellent cruelty-free alternative without giving up on design or quality. 


What we love: This young brand is committed to women empowerment. All their bags are carefully handmade by women with physical disabilities or facing social integration challenges. The brand has also created a grant to finance the education of teenage girls in a disadvantaged community in Colombia. We love their project and their work for women. We also love that each bag is named after an inspiring female role model. This one is named after Eleanor Roosevelt. 


Price: $113 USD / 99 € |  Shop it now: The Circular Project


Everyday Face Oil


Why to buy: Naya exhaustively researched and sourced the very best ingredients and Green boutique laboratory to produce natural, safe and environmentally friendly skincare products. Naya’s ‘less is more’ approach underscores their belief that our skin does not need hundreds of different ingredients a day; it is neither healthy for the skin nor the planet. Instead quality is key and is the mark of luxury and sustainability. Thus Naya uses only potent and proven bioactive ingredients at higher concentrations to give the skin the nutrients it needs. 


What we love: Naya is vegan, PETA certified and uses organic certified ingredients. Its line of skincare products is for those who believe that great skin can be achieved without the use of synthetic ingredients and harm to the environment. Each product is meticulously formulated by a team of Green Scientists using high quality pure bioactive ingredients sustainably produced. The products boost the skin’s inherent abilities to repair itself, grow healthy cells and combat environmental stressors by restoring, rebalancing and protecting the skin from within. Naya also aims to work directly with farmers where possible. Their star ingredient, Cacay Oil, which is rich in naturally occurring retinol, is sourced directly from indigenous farming communities in Colombia. 


Price:  £ 40 - 49 € |  Shop it now: Naya


FAIR Cacao Liqueur


Why to buy: FAIR Cacao Liqueur is made using organic & fairtrade certified cocoa nibs from Peru. The nibs are infused into a vodka base to create a rich-flavored based spirit. Slowly and progressively the company is adding fair-trade liquid sugar, natural cocoa extract and demineralised water to get a full and perfect harmonization. It is bottled in the Cognac region, France. 


What we love: This is another in the world's first line of premium spirits that are all certified Fair Trade. This FAIR. tipple was created using Organic & Fair Trade certified cocoa nibs from Peru. The company respects about 200 rules to make sure that it pays the farmers at a fair price. It enables them to cover their production costs, live from farming, educate their children and build schools.Fair Trade is a global movement to alleviate poverty in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. 


Price: 18,87 € |  Shop it now: FAIR©