The Ground Festival | A Celebration Of Style And Culture



It's finally here this summer! The consumer-facing festival The Ground premieres from 7 - 9 July at Messe Berlin. The Ground is a completely new "direct to consumer" event where the best of fashion, beauty and culture comes together in an ultra modern, highly entertaining and very fashionable way. Sustainability will play an important role in the festival.


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At The Ground professionals from the industry meet young enthusiasts from GenZ to inspire each other. It’s a whole new space where the influential, the weird, the wild and the wonderful come together. It’s a colourful world full of state-of-the-art brand and vintage store pop-ups, inspiring panel talks, sports & health activations, live performances and trips into the metaverse. The Ground is a home for the young and progressive – and a promise for big fun.



The Ground mainly targets Gen-Z and Cultural Pioneers who are driven by a deep sense of purpose. The young adults expect the brands they support to share the same values. They went through a lot in recent years, are seriously concerned about climate change and have been hit hard by the pandemic. They look at a complicated world and they want to change it for the better. They are politically interested and socially involved. They are digital natives and they have well educated brains. 



From 7 - 9 July, guests from across Germany and beyond will meet at The Ground to experience innovative brand PopUps, panel talks, live music, physical and mental health activations, and even step inside the Metaverse.




The priorities of these young customers are sustainability, relationships, health and wellness, work and education as well as inclusivity and individuality. The Ground will cover all these topics. And it will also cover the fun by having live acts, music and interactive moments. Panels and talks with well-known speakers for example from Vice or TikTok and influencers will do the education part. 

The Ground features six main themes that visitors can experience through various activities: Beauty, Wellbeing, Sport, Play, Music and Talk provide inspiration and many moments to learn. Fashion is featured throughout all areas and is the connecting element. 


The Ground is a completely new festival format where the best of fashion, lifestyle, culture, and diverse perspectives come together. The Ground was founded to bring brands and consumers together to build a better future through celebration and collective action.



For brands, The Ground offers unique opportunities to get in touch with their future customers and learn from them. They can tell their stories, emotionalise and they can sell.