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Living between Germany and Italy all her life, Claudia Pacella evolved a passion for design and fashion, which later became known as the sustainable luxury brand UAVI Republic. Through her words, we discover the importance of sustainable cashmere garments and how it accompanies all cashmere lovers during their lives.


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Deeply inspired by travelling, the founder of the sustainable brand UAVI, Claudia Pacella, has always been fascinated by the different cultures she met along the way. Especially by nature's colours and textures, architecture, and most of all human encounters, and their stories. "Everything is about the colour: landscapes, moods, feelings and atmospheres" Claudia claims. Artists like Olafur Eliasson and Carlos Cruz-Diez, and places like the New Museum in New York have forged her style and taste.

Claudia Pacella experienced a wide range of management positions in almost all areas of the fashion industry after studying fashion design. As with every new start, Claudia faced hard, yet incredible adventures.  Such as sourcing the finest cashmere suppliers in the world. Even though the company is currently in the start-up phase, UAVI has officially showcased the first collection, which is now available online. Primarily, the collection appeals to women due to its broad options. However, many UAVI products have the potential to be unisex. "This is up to the customer and how they decide to express themselves. We also have the mini_me style that we are happy to offer for kids" Claudia says. 


“I always had the vision that one day I would have my brand that will make customers happy for a long time and with wonderful products”.




But how did everything start? Claudia explained, "I always had the vision that one day I would have my brand that will make customers happy for a long time and with wonderful products". At first, the aim of the project was to create timeless, ageless, and versatile garments. Each garment is unique but cohesive, and perfect for any occasion. Finding yourself and your true expression has always been her goal. Creating the eco-friendly brand UAVI was obvious for the designer, who perceives no other path nowadays but that of sustainability. "I believe it is insanely important to me, as a designer to leave the world a little better than how we found it. My part is to treat our planet’s resources with care since there is only one planet earth" Claudia concluded.

UAVI’s mission is simple: to transport an attitude toward life in which UAVI pieces becomes a life companion and encourage self-expression. Each item brings pleasure and personality to every day with trans-seasonal pieces that become long-lasting essentials. The vision is to create a platform to interact closely with the customers about their favourite places and recipes. Essentially, everything that belongs to the Italian "Dolce Vita".


Over the years, UAVI has found the right partner with the same ethical and ecological values. The brand has its internal requirements for suppliers, which are based on the highest standards and animal welfare.



Claudia Pacella's decision to focus on materials like cashmere is a sustainable one. Cashmere possesses astounding trans-seasonal properties. Its capacity to cool down in summer while keeping warm in winter, the softness, and durability are just some of its remarkable values. As a true perfectionist, she selects the quality of the cashmere she is going to use, taking into consideration the level of finishing, processing, and colour. 

UAVI cashmere clothing possesses supercharged simplicity that embraces versatility, designed with a fluid lifestyle in mind. Flexibility, performance, and convenience are emblematic elements of UAVI products. Cashmere, apart from being a comfy material, can also be machine washed in a gentle cycle and can be worn with ease. 

The manufacturing process of cashmere is as fine and delicate as the raw material itself. It starts from the life of the goats, the precious combing handwork up to the heritage of the process. Each step is essential. Claudia explains that there are as many subtleties to consider in the manufacturing process to give the cashmere its lustre. 


“We would like to become more visible and to bring awareness about our beautiful products".




After a positive presentation at Cannes, Claudia plans to do trunk shows in other cities and personally introduce the collection to customers. The goal of UAVI is to dive deeper into the market and succeed in capturing the hearts of the end-user. As Claudia declares, "We would like to become more visible and to bring awareness about our beautiful products for the customer. We also would love to expand our offerings to new product categories, including home accessories".


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