Vegan Slogan T-Shirts | Promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle through Millennials’ fashion



What is Veganism?

The term ‘vegan’ derived from the word vegetarian. Vegans were a group of people who broke off from the Vegetarian Society in 1944 to form their own vegan society: The Vegan News. When people hear the word ‘veganism,’ the first question that comes to anyone’s mind is “what can they eat?” Well, vegans consume anything that does not contain any animal products - trying to livE by cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable standards.



One of the most important things to understand about veganism is that it doesn’t just entail different food choices in a particular diet, but it is indeed an all-around lifestyle. It’s a set of daily choices which seek to exclude any products obtained by exploiting animals or the environment for food, clothing or any other purpose. The number of people embracing the vegan lifestyle is growing rapidly as people want to promote sustainability and due to the always increasing concerns for the planet.


What is a Slogan Tee?

Slogan T-shirts started as a way to spread messages important for specific causes but ended up becoming a style statement. A classic slogan tee is a closet staple in the modern world. The purpose behind this tee is to announce your beliefs in your own style with your clothing.


Your clothing and your personal style speak about your personality. The slogan tee has made it possible to walk around without saying anything and still make a statement. This side of Millennials’ fashion style has provided an amazing opportunity to businesses in the form of advertising. Many companies have introduced t-shirts with the company slogan printed on the front that all passers-by read as they go. Ever since the feminist movement has gained force, you can see women all over the world wearing t-shirts sporting a feminist slogan. There’s no denying that it does catch your eye!



Effectiveness of Vegan Tee in Spreading the Vegan Message

How effective a slogan tee is in spreading a message depends on the clarity of the phrase printed across and how catchy it is. Many celebrities are sporting slogan tees to express their thoughts and beliefs to the public – making slogan clothing unavoidable.


Much like feminism tees, a significant rise has been noticed in the popularity of vegan slogan t-shirts as well. Vegans are using organic fashion methods for advertising and to get their message across to others. The effectiveness of this depends on how those who see vegan slogan t-shirts understand and perceive the message. The question that arises is, do the people donning these t-shirts know what they’re representing? Are these ‘vegan’ clothing brands really promoting organic vegan fashion or are they just capitalizing on the buzz for their benefit?


Style and appearance have become extremely fluid now and ever since we’ve grown up, we can’t align ourselves with one particular thing such as a specific style of dress or a particular genre of movies. Since we can’t stick to a particular thing, it makes sense that we wear cute slogan tees without actually comprehending its message. Imagine someone wearing a ‘be kind to animals’ slogan tee while eating a steak? What message do you think this sends across? So if you do decide to sport a vegan slogan tee, make sure it’s not just for styling purposes but to get the message across.




In the end vegan slogan t-shirts appear to be a great way to advertise and spread the vegan and cruelty-free message to a mass audience. However, I fear that just printing a vegan slogan across a tee made of conventional cotton or wool won’t really give the right idea. Of course, everyone has the right to wear whatever they desire. Even brands are allowed to manufacture whatever they want. But printing vegan slogans on conventionally-obtained materials that harm animals and aren’t environmentally sustainable, defeat the entire purpose of the movement.


The key to spreading the vegan movement through these slogan tees is by promoting organic fashion. What you wear represents your identity. Make sure that the slogan t-shirts you so happily don are made by organic fabrics and materials that are cruelty-free and also environmentally sustainable.



+ Words: Krystal Camilleri

Like most vegans, Vegan Scout founder Krystal Camilleri has an intense desire to empower humans to embrace a vegan lifestyle and create a cruelty-free, sustainable future. While living in North Queensland, Australia, and operating a boutique marketing agency, Krystal set out to develop a brand with a purpose, with a wide range of men’s & women’s vegan clothing.