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Vitelli is an Italian project born in 2017, from the brilliant minds of the creative director Mauro Simionato and the knitwear designer Giulia Bortoli, both originally from Veneto but based at Spazio Vitelli in Milan. The mission of the brand, with its 80s post-hippie aesthetic, is to produce garments locally with the wool knitwear industry scraps at zero Km (the producers are from Venetia and Padua). They work directly with small, indipendent, family-owned knitters spread across the Northern Italy, in order to minimize the carbon footprint and to help local suppliers' businesses. What’s the final result? The non-stop experimentation and the Doomboh, a fabric born from the regeneration of wasted yarns combined with each other through needle and dyed with recycled water. «The atelier inside my studio is called Organic Knitting Theatre» explains Mauro Simionato. «Here every day we gather and create, in a strange way, always as a single voice».