Vivienne Westwood’s Campaign: ‘SWITCH’ to Green Energy



SWITCH envisions unified effort to respond to the climate crisis. The campaign, released yesterday, incites everyone to be part of the conversation and the solution, and to SWITCH to green energy world-wide.


Renown designer and climate activist Vivienne Westwood has launched SWITCH, a campaign in collaboration with WePresent and Serpentine Galleries. SWITCH is Westwood’s reiteration of Fashion Switch to Green, a campaign launched in 2017 that asked the fashion community to transition to clean energy. This time, SWITCH calls all industries to join efforts and act for the climate.


“First step to save the environment: SWITCH to green energy. We must rely on cooperation and collaboration to maximise our impact and we must act now!” — Vivienne Westwood


Westwood, who has tirelessly been active in raising awareness on environmental issues, offers new hand-drawn slogans, cards and posters that carry powerful mantras to act collectively for climate justice. Some read “What’s good for the planet is good for the economy” and “Uninhabitable land.” 


“The SWITCH campaign is an example of how creativity can be used as a force for good in society, which WeTransfer believes is the driving force behind humankind.” — Holly Fraser, Editor-in-Chief of WePresent


This collaboration aims at raising fundings that will be sent to Cool Earth, a non-profit organisation working with rainforest communities to stop deforestation and climate change. Donations can be done via WePresent, WeTransfer’s editorial platform. WePresent nowadays documents the behind-the-scenes of Serpentine’s multi-year environmental programme Back to Earth, where artists, architects, scientists, poets, and thinkers from all fields propose initiatives responding to the environmental crisis.


*All images via WePresent



   +  Words: Alejandra Espinosa, Luxiders Magazine Editor

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