Volume Trend: Spring/Summer 2021



While last few seasons designers repeatedly suggested oversized silhouettes that were accepted by the public with much appreciation and voluminous garments ruled the show, this year Spring/Summer runways we watched a somewhat of a division between designers where one side returned to slim silhouettes, fitted garments and highlighted waistline, and others exaggerated with adding extra and extra volume to sleeves, skirts, coats and pants as seen in some collections.


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This summer, designers who suggest ample usage of fabric found their inspiration in the 80’s fashion because broad shoulders with extravagant volume were what we have seen the most. Overall, one can be confident that a skirt designed with extra volume or a dress with balloon sleeves is a statement piece that attracts attention, can be worn for a variety of occasions, and is worth having in a wardrobe. 




Voluminous sleeves, pockets and jackets

Besides suggesting a new approach to wardrobes that are neither feminine nor masculine, Nicolas Ghesquière presented a collection that was inspired by the 80s silhouettes. The whole collection is a reflection of a proper balance between slick forms and extra volume. There were expandable jackets combined, for a feminine silhouette, with dresses, or with loosened trousers for a more generous look. We also noticed volume in such details as patched pockets on cropped jackets, extravagant sleeves in trench coats and dresses, and of course oversized pants. 



Voluminous sleeves

Unlike the Louis Vuitton Spring collection, Chufy created ready-to-wear pieces that were fully based on feminine silhouettes and ethnic prints. The collection, where volume trend can be traced through sleeves on tops and dresses, as well as ruffles details, suggests Mediterranean vacation, folklore tales and sunsets at the beach. 




Voluminous sleeves and skirts

Stella Jean's ready-to-wear Spring/Summer collection is another presentation of bold colours, ethnic prints and continuous experiments with volume. While other brands preferred to focus on creating volume in one designated spot, for instance, sleeves, Stella Jean proved that voluminous skirts might as well go in harmony with voluminous sleeves. Another idea that stole our attention, (and hearts) is how the designer combined an open shoulder trend with putting a voluminous sleeve on the other. 



Voluminous ruffles, sleeves and dresses

This season Preen’s collection was all about playful femininity, voluminous ruffles, flowers and classy, yet modernized designs. Besides broad shoulders and balloon sleeves, the brand experimented with top-to-bottom ruffles and voluminous skirts made from transparent and solid fabrics. 



Voluminous sleeves, dresses and trench coats 

Erdem Spring/Summer 2021 collection is an invitation into the world of fairytales, deep forests and summer breeze, where each dress truly reflects it. What causes genuine admiration in those designs is an abundance of flowers and feminine silhouettes. Designers decided to focus on adding extra fabric and creating balloon sleeves, both short and long, on the majority of presented dresses and trench coats. Volume was also noticed in flared skirt silhouettes that merely floated above the ground. 



Voluminous dresses, tops and coats

It is a pure pleasure to look at the Spring/Summer 2021 JW Anderson collection. This season all designs were presented in a form of carton cut-out dolls that take a viewer back to childhood. And, to speak of garments themselves, they reveal a unique mix of bold colours and neutrals, architectural contours along with slick lines, and a somewhat new vision on ready-to-wear. We loved to see that voluminous details were added not only to sleeves but also skirts, coats and dresses. 




Voluminous sleeves and dresses 

Spring 2021 collection from Zimmerman is truly an ode to the spring blooming season. The collection contained a variety of dynamic floral prints, shades of cream, white and yellow and of course, it all would not have the same effect if not for the added extra volume in skirts’ layers and balloon sleeves.



Voluminous sleeves, dresses and pants

Loewe is known for its ability to combine youthfulness and elegance, extravagant details and classic appearance; that is exactly what we saw in the Spring/Summer 2021 collection. At first, such familiar silhouettes were, however, taken much further and presented in an excessive way where the volume of puffed sleeves, dresses and pants knew no limits. 



Voluminous jackets and dresses 

Although the new Marni collection was somewhat of a reflection on current events in the world, they stayed true to their eclectic, yet elegant approach, and found ways to add dynamic by implementing voluminous details in jackets and dresses. Many presented dresses had puffed-up bottoms that floated and bounced as models walked on the streets, as well as some oversized coats in the collection. 




Voluminous jackets 

Fendi is another fashion brand that has a reputation for knowing how to deal with merging their classic name and modern trends into one. Just like that for Spring/Summer 2021, they showed astonishing feminine looks, mostly in neutral colours, yet a very airy, spring-appropriate approach. The volume trend was seen less than at Loewe runway, yet they found ways to add it into oversized jackets, bell sleeves and skirts. 


*Header image © JW Anderson | Featured image © Zimmermann



+ Words:  Maria Kossman

Maria Kossman is a creative writer, essayist and blogger based in Edmonton, Canada. Passionate about sustainable living, minimalism, travelling, and anything antique, she focuses on advocating life that is inspiring, mindful and elegant.