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White Mountaineering is the fusion of three elements: design, utility and technology. Yosuke Aizawa establishes his brand in 2006, when he was only 22 years old. Yosuke’s clothes are extremely functional and designed to move in the open air easily. The relationship with nature also blends in the choice of materials: recycled and organic fabrics. White Mountaineering supports small Japanese factories that would otherwise see their demise. Up today, the brand’s collaborations with other brands are many and all united by two factors, that are sustainability and textile innovation. Among the the collaborations, the one with Takashimaya, for the project “Depart de Loop”, is quite incredible. The brands teamed up with outdoor wear brand BRING ™, that create products using recycled polyester supporting a circular economy through a fiber recycling platform and they created an entire sustainable capsule collection.