Who Wore Sustainable Fashion at the Grammys?



We’ve curated a list of the best-dressed celebs at the Grammys and evaluated how sustainable their looks are…

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Award shows always generate conversation in the fashion internet sphere, and the Grammys 2022 was no exception. Whether you’re watching the show or seeing the red carpet photos, most of us are so dazzled by the outfits that we forget about their origins. In order for the future of fashion to be sustainable, everyone has to do their bit. We need to hold celebrities accountable for their fashion choices.

So how sustainable were the celebrities' looks at the Grammys this year? We’ve curated a list of the best-dressed celebs and evaluated how sustainable their looks are…



No one was surprised to see Dua Lipa wearing Versace, especially after referring to Donatella Versace as her ‘fashion fairy Godmother’ in her recent Instagram caption. Not only does she look stunning, Dua Lipa’s gown is also vintage, designed in 1992 by Gianna Versace.

Whilst we love this cutting-edge bold look, we are disheartened that Dua Lipa seems to be in a minority with her vintage dress. Most other artists had gowns designed specifically for the event, rather than re-wearing vintage classics.

Stars need to lead the way and show how gorgeous vintage gems can look on the red carpet. Other than Dua Lipa, no one else seemed to be making an effort to do so.



This beautiful monochrome look was designed specifically for the Grammys. Harper’s Bazaar reported that her unique asymmetrical dress was designed by Giorgio Armani Privé. Her hair styled in an elegant updo embodies the elegance of her gown. The jewellery, apparently designed by Tiffany & Co, complements the outfit perfectly. She did look beautiful, but it would have been nice to see Gaga sporting some vintage gems. 

However, Armani is a sustainability-conscious brand. They have acknowledged the need for the fashion industry to become more ethical and they have made it clear they intend to be part of this change. Armani claims there are five areas they aim to focus on to ensure they prioritise sustainability. The five initiatives are ‘customers, the supply chain, the environment, human resources and community’. Keeping these things at the center of their brand encourages other luxury brands to make an effort to prioritise people and the planet in their supply chains.



Lil Nas is extremely creative and daring with his fashion choices. We love how he pushes the boundaries with his looks, demonstrating gender does not dictate one’s style. He arrived at the Grammys in this incredible jeweled suit by Balmain. 

The French brand committed to incorporating sustainability into its vision in the year 2020, following an increase in social awareness of the detriments of fast fashion. Balmain released a sustainable collection featuring T-shirts and sweatshirts made from organic cotton. They also made an effort to reduce their carbon footprint during the manufacturing and transporting process. In Lil Nas X’s look specifically designed by Balmain, the detail is second to none. This intricate look has him studded head to toe in diamonds and pearls. 

Nominated for five Grammy’s this year, his incredible talent matches this beautiful outfit. The platform shoes are to die for. He looks undeniably amazing.



LGBTQ+ icon, Billy Porter, was turning heads at the Grammys this year. His looks never fail to surprise us. Always so effortlessly beautiful and attention-grabbing. Porter elevates all his looks with finishing touches others may not think of - this outfit is no exception. The detail of the pink gloves is the icing on the cake. The way his silver shoes peak through the hot pink trousers completes the look. Reportedly designed by Valentino, Porter was definitely one of the best-dressed stars this year. Not only did he look incredible, but he was also supporting a brand that understands the importance of ethically made fashion. 

In November 2021 Valentino had a sustainable rebrand, focusing on its packaging. Their duster bags are now made from 100% recycled cotton, whilst their shopping bags and paper tags have been adapted to contain a higher percentage of recycled materials. Following their rebrand in 2021, they have released a sustainable sneaker line in 2022. They have redesigned their best-selling sneakers and made them from recycled and ethical materials. In addition, they have pledged to go fur-free in 2022



Doja was rocking this gorgeous sheer bedazzled dress on the red carpet at the Grammy’s. We are in love with this light blue number designed by Versace. She accessorised with a JBL speaker designed by The Disco Daddy. Is this the future of accessorising? An interesting move from Doja, but the dress is gorgeous. Much like many of the other attendees, it was designed for the event. Apparently, Doja’s dress took 475 hours to make! 



  + Words: Florenne Earle Ledger