Who’s Next and Impact want to drive the social and environmental change



Is responsible production just a consumer fantasy? Can slow fashion keep up with trends? Does the rise in second-hand clothing mean the end of creation?  Who’s Next and its Impact exhibition will give us the answers from 17th to 20th of January in Paris. Impact will bring together manufacturers, brands, young designers and retailers in order to answer these questions through 4 areas of commitment: Slow is Beautiful, Made By, The Future is Now, and Old is the New Black. What will we find there?


Who’s Next invites us to go to the other side of fashion: the good one, the ethical, the responsible, the slow, the local, the eco one… January 17th, Who’s Next’s "Mirror Palace" will open its invisible doors, its labyrinths of creations and its infinitely diffracted visions to help us experience fashion outside the box and change the prism of our reality. More than ever, we will be seeing creation, and fashion in particular transcend the unconscious!

Located at the heart of the event, Impact will take place alongside 1,300 ready-to-wear, beauty and lifestyle brands as a hybrid event to be part of the change of fashion. Impact promises to highlight positive initiatives and bring together key industry players. The aims: strengthen, existing solutions and co-create new sustainable solutions to production, distribution and consumption. Here, we will find manufacturers, brands, young designers and retailers. Together, they want to act for positive, responsible, and sustainable fashion, in order to drive social and environmental change.


After years of fast-fashion and unrestrained productivity, the Fashion industry is now turning towards production at a human level in order to rediscover the value of a garment and its creation: true meaning. Impact and Who’s Next, want to drive the path of this true meaning fashion.



Impact: positive answers to sustainability


Within Impact, "Slow is Beautiful" will encourage controlled and responsible production, distribution and consumption. "Made By" will give value to responsibility, transparent production and the know-how of the entire production chain: from raw materials to fabrics to the final product. "The Future is Now" will bring together Green Tech and fashion to fuel this change with innovation. "Old is the New Black" will promote second hand clothing, recycling and upcycling.

Within Impact, we will find brands made in Europe, such as Jolies Mômes or La Gentle Factory. They produce their stock locally in France and Europe. We will also find ethical brands awarded with certifications that guarantee they respect the social and environmental side of business. Dedicated, Ekyog, Les Racines du Ciel, Wenhua Duveré, Green Lion, Inlayment, with Gots Certificate, are some of them.

Impact will also bring recycling in the spotlight, with brands that re-use scrap materials and transform them into new products, without producing any materials themselves. Brands like Meduse or Alinfini are good examples regarding this topic. Veganism and upcycling will also have brands representing these movements.

We will find brand collectives bringing together multiple brands that are also eco-responsible, as Slow We Are (Bag Affair, Aatise, Muse&Marlowe, Ecclo, Monlimar); Fashion Green Days, a collective truly committed to fashion brands not using plastics; etc.




The Villa Beauté changes to green beauty


La Villa Beauté adorns itself with young DNA Green cosmetic brands that upset the established order and offer virtuous products which are respectful of your body and the environment. Change your beauty routine with new cosmetics, oils, soaps, food supplements ... all natural!

There, we will discover Botanika Marrakech, Day +, Demain Beauty, Kerzon, Leonia, Matière Brute, Natsuko, Natyvis, Océpin, Oskol, Polaar, Rhizome, Shaeri and many others.