Your Body is not the Problem | Interview with Katie Sturin



Katie Sturino shows us how to embrace our bodies and live our best lives in her book “Body Talk”, a trip through her journey of body acceptance that serves as a roadmap for those who are struggling with it. The founder of Mega Babe talked with Luxiders about the Book, Body Acceptance, and the Fashion Industry. 

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The idea that there is always something wrong with our bodies is constantly reinforced in commercials, tv, and social media. Luckily, there is people trying to fight that notion; and we had the opportunity to talk with one of them: Katie Sturino. If you do not know her yet, google her, you won't regret it; she is a Fashion Influencer, Founder, and Writer. And with motive of her book, Body Talk, we had the chance to talk with her.

Written with bold and bright colors, and decorated with fun and light illustrations that sometimes depict a young Katie in a tutu, or are just phrases that we wish someone had told us when we were not feeling good with our bodies; Body Talk is not only her story, but a roadmap for all of us. And that is exactly how Katie Sturino imagined it: she wanted to tell her story, but in a manner that would help as many people as possible. 

This is a book for women of all ages to help free themselves from body hate and negative self talk so that they're able to spend more time living life! She said”


Sturino has been talking about body acceptance from multiple fronts, and the book is just the culmination. Katie started her career in Fashion as a publicists, where she begun to notice that the Industry failed to represent a big part of the public. After starting her blog, the 12ish Style, she moved the conversation to her instagram account, which has around 650k followers. Besides being a Fashion Influencer, Katie has a wellness and beauty brand, Megababe.


“I started Megababe because I couldn't find products I liked to help with everyday problems like thigh chafe, sweat and body odor and I knew I couldn't be the only one dealing with these issues.  When our first product, Thigh Rescue, sold out within one week of launch, we knew we were on to something. Helping women feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin really drives us.” 


In 2016, she started her blog the 12ish Style. “I was shot for a story on the blog Man Repeller. I was incredibly nervous because it was the first time I had been in front of the camera instead of behind the scenes, but when the feature came out it really changed everything for me. I saw comments from women saying how much they appreciated seeing someone who looked like them on a fashion blog and how rare it was. I was floored because up until then I had felt like I was uniquely large.” n her blog, you can see the #SupersizeTheLook series, in which she recreates looks of other famous women, in . And a recurrent (and specially one we really love!) is the #MakeMySize; in which she calls out brands and ask them to extend their sizing. 


“I saw this void and decided to be the one to fill it! So I started The 12ish Style. From the beginning, there was an incredible response of women who felt the same way as me, and wanted to see style at any size.”


After years of advocating and inspiring people online, she decided finally to take her success into to paper, and write a book. “While Body Talk is about my personal experience, having issues with your body is also  a pretty universal experience that doesn't get talked about enough. So many people have problems with their bodies and I hope that by sharing my story, people are better able to handle their own.”

As we all know, the Fashion Industry is flawed; and there is still a long road ahead to make a real change. We have gathered before Body Positivity influencers who told us their opinions about it.  When we asked Kate what she thinks about it, she said:


The new guards of the fashion industry seem to have a more open and accepting point of view when it comes to size, but I also think the old guard is still present and continues to perpetuate an antiquated perspective on sizing. It's been pretty well debunked that it isn't cost prohibitive to launch extended sizing! When I ask brands to #MakemySize on Instagram, I am hoping that they see how many women agree and would shop their clothes in inclusive sizing.” 


 +  Words: Leila Salinas, Luxiders Magazine 

Journalist | Berlin

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