Sustainable Beauty Editorial | Funghi


Their incredible diversity in shape, size, colour and lifestyle. 
Their ambivalence as a source of both life and death. We can't always see them - actually, they are hidden from sight most of the times -.
Yet they thrive all around us, everywhere, in everything, in darkness and in light.

They are inside us and around us.
They have the ability to be at the end of things but also at their beginning.

We are yet to understand the language of nature.

If we don't reach a common understanding of all these organisms that support our lives, not only we will be destroying them, but we will destroy ourselves.

Fungi have this special power to decompose anything that's natural, so that includes oil spills, one of the most dangerous pollutant we are currently facing.

If we take care of the plants, the forests, the fungi communities, we benefit from a natural engine that stores carbon underground and stabilises it.

So it's essential.


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Body paint: MEHRON Makeup Liquid Face & Body Paint in shade Orange.


Skin preparation: BALANCE ME Flash Cleanse Micellar Water. THERAPI HONEY Skincare Propolis+ Ultra Radiance Cream. BYBI Beauty Plumper Lip Balm. 


All the labels featured in this beauty editorial are committed to sustainable practices and have in common to make of the beauty world a more ethical industry.


Photography: David PD Hyde @ Lambert Agency
Makeup Artist: Laura Onea 
Hair Stylist: Arisa Yamasaki 
Still Life Designer: Rebeca Martin 
Model: Nausicaa 
Make-up assistant: Nancy Duval Smith