Top Summer Sustainable Essentials Wishlist

From artisanal jewelry to sustainable dresses. From cactus leather bags to eco-conscious swimwear. Get to know these new emerging brands who prioritise honesty. Brands that will bring you about the necessary changes in terms of ethics and sustainability. Welcome to our Summer Sustainable Essentials Wishlist. 

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Why to Buy: The Héméra dress is the perfect maxi dress for summer, with its heart-shaped neckline and puffy sleeves. It is made with love in France by sustainable luxury brand DIANE Paris, in their Parisian workshops.

In the finest quality of 100% linen, sourced in Spain, the Héméra dress is produced in very small quantities, and more sizes can be made to order. If you are looking for a sustainable luxury brand, definitely DIANE Paris should have a place in your wardrobe.

What we love: The happy and poetic sustainable luxury brand DIANE Paris offers a colorful, delicate and bold universe, playing with the codes of an assumed femininity. DIANE Paris creates unique clothes ethically designed in noble materials, respectful of people and the environment, that reveal the personality of the women who wear them, and make them stand out.

All their pieces are crafted to last, and designed to make heads turn.

Price: 745 € – 777 $
Shop it Now: DIANE PARIS
Follow Them: @_dianeparis_




Why to buy: MAISON MAES offers a new approach to leather goods, responsible, committed and cruelty-free, where plant-based materials meet exceptional French know-how. For its debut collection, the M1 Line, Maison Maes has selected Desserto ® cactus leather, an amazing biomaterial that requires neither the toxic products nor the astronomical quantities of water required to make traditional leather. Maison Maes combines it with other sustainable materials like organic cotton gabardine lining and recycled zipper ribbons and threads to deliver true Sustainable Luxury. MAISON MAES works tightly with two of the best workshops in France. Every product is rigorously crafted by expert hands. 

What we love:  Influenced by Constructivism and the Decorative Arts, Géraldine Saquy, the designer at MAISON MAES, loves symmetry and sobriety. She likes to play with lines, those that will please the eye but also those that will make sense and convey an emotion. 

The Camera Bag is a perfect example of Maison Maes’ approach, delivering an impressive footprint of only 4 kgs of CO₂, a reduction of 76% compared to similar products.Worn on the shoulder or crossed, the M1 Camera Bag is your ideal everyday sustainable companion, for casual elegance that makes sense. 

Price: 890 €
Shop it now: MAISON MAES
Discover More: @maisonmaes




Why to buy: B THE BEACH BRAND is a sustainable swimwear brand born and developed in Barcelona. B THE BEACH BRAND arises from the desire of two sisters to create minimalist and elegant pieces, designed to ensure a perfect fit, while being respectful with the planet.

B THE BEACH BRAND not only uses recycled fabrics. It takes care of all the phases, from design to packaging, looking for and studying all the alternatives so that the impacts are as minimal as possible. The use of plastic has been completely eliminated throughout the supply chain and has been replaced by recycled and/or biodegradable materials, generating as little waste as possible.

What we love: “Back to the source” is the third collection of B THE BEACH BRAND, an invitation to journey within… to go back to the source. To reconnect to our own nature. A manifesto to find beauty in simplicity, to find strength in fragility. A dialogue between soft and wild, between woman and wave. An ode to natural beauty. A gentle reminder to listen.

You are the secret… you are the source. This poetic vision is translated into minimal and simple yet elegant silhouettes. Drawing inspiration from nature, delicate flower prints and dreamy pastel colours meet earthy hues and textures. Soft and wild… and sensual all at once.

Price: Top Bloom 72 € | Juliet Bottom 58 €
Discover More: @b.thebeachbrand




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Why to buy: AURORE is a contemporary premium lingerie brand based in London specializing in high-quality handmade lingerie. They focus on sustainability, environmental ethics, and innovative practices that deliver a luxury experience without sacrificing social responsibility. They do not overproduce and support the „less is better“ approach to apparel production with their capsule collections.

What we love: Women have a complex relationship with their body as it goes through natural life cycles, so AURORE strives to power their lives through lingerie that is comfortable, of quality, and excellent in fit. They sources as close to home as possible and work with small and family-owned manufacturers in the luxury segment in Italy and France.

AURORE draws inspiration from the 90s style, bringing in the unconventional color palette of lace, tulle, embroidery and silk.

Price: Amica BodyChain 54,55 € | $ 57 USD
Discover More: @aurorelingerie





Why to buy: Founded in 2018, ISABEL BONNER STUDIO (iB Studio) creates season-less, sculptural, contemporary jewelry. iB Studio is about the creation of timeless objects that can live both on and off the body.  Each detail of the designs has been considered accordingly –from the fastenings, links and hoops–, designed with a nod towards how we as humans navigate through spaces. The pieces have an architectural character and in a similar vein examine how things move and connect.

What we love: Each and every iB Studio piece is constructed individually in New York City by a hand-selected group of artisans. Creating pieces one by one allows them to determine quality and detail at every stage of the process and steers away from mass production methods and approaches. iB Studio is inspired by the intersectionality of design processes across furniture-making, architecture, sculpture, painting and the innate beauty of the natural world; be it flowers, coastlines or shadows.

Price: Between £202 – £2098 | $265 – $2745 | €242 – €2515
Discover More: @isabelbonner__studio



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