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Luxiders, the New Intelligent Luxury Magazine

Luxiders is the New Intelligent Luxury Magazine, based on eco & ethical stories about fashion, design and lifestyle. This online magazine fuses the best high-end, progressive and luxury brands and independent designers.

Luxiders wants to become also a community, the #luxiders, composed by designers, artisans, strategists, style leaders and, of course, consumers all over the world that converge to build a better future, shaping the nowadays fashion, design and lifestyle landscape with pretty, eco & ethic stories. The plan is that, all #luxiders together change the way we consume and build the new Intelligent Luxury Lifestyle.

Only the best of the best

Just the best of the best will be here – from the independent emerging designers, to more established labels who push the envelope of design, craft manship and quality, always with an eco & ethical background.

If you identificate yourself with this community, do not hesitate to share with us your story. We are always here:

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