Sustainable Fashion

3 Eco-Responsible Brands You Should Add To Your Shopping List This Summer

Premiere Vision Paris focuses on durability and recyclability, from textile to textile

Texworld ApparelSourcing Paris 2024

Texworld Will Be Held At Le Bourget next February And Prepares For Big Changes

Texworld ApparelSourcing Paris 2024

The Future Of Textile Fairs: Interview With Mr. Frédéric Bougeard, President of Messe Frankfurt France

The Future Of Textile Fairs: Interview With Florence Rousson, new President of Première Vision Management Board

COLLECTIVEFOUR Danny Reinke Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week SS25 | Chronicles of Creativity and Cutting-Edge Fashion

fashion dump

From Trendy To Trash | Fashion’s Waste Crisis

DZHUS Hero Image

Berlin Fashion Week SS25 | Your Guide To A Showcase Of Creativity

Sustainable Fashion Editorial | Under The Same Sky

Pia Glassworks Mutant Flower Ring

Awarding The Avant-Garde | Stores Supporting Emerging Talent

The Reality Behind The Denim Industry  


Crystal Dildo Sex Toys

Eco Erotica: The Shift Towards Sustainable Sex Toys

Are Your Beauty products respectful With The Environment?

What is ‘Skin Cycling’: The Definitive Guide and Routine Tips

Arm Holding Lavender. Wellness.

Psychodermatology | The Important Relationship Between Mind and Skin

The Return of Ancient Beauty Rituals

Are Sheet Masks Sustainable?

How to Build a Minimalistic Skin Care Routine | The Need to Skinminimalism

People On Their Phones. Gen-Z using Social Media.

Gen-Z, Skincare And Social Media | The Dangers Of Skinfluencing

The Toxic Wellness Culture Fuelled By Social Media

Snail Mucin Skincare

Snail Mucin | A Skin Care Phenomenon

Hyaluronic Acid: The Secret to Hydrated and Rejuvenated Skin

Hyaluronic Acid: The Secret to Hydrated and Rejuvenated Skin


Wine Glasses Josephineenhütte Josephine

Josephinenhütte | The World’s Finest Glasses You Will Need To Have

Baranzate Ateliers Shows in Milan The True Strength of Design Evolution

Biomimicry, Luxiders Magazine

Anything We Do, Nature Did First | Biomimicry in Modern Design


Is 3D Printing The Future Of Sustainable Architecture?

Green Product award 2024 | The Winners Of The Future

Person walking in Street

Building Human-Centric Cities

Under Construction | How Cities Are Adapting To Climate Change

Thibeau Scarcériaux, Luxiders Magazine

On War, Art, Race, and Much More | Interview with Thibeau Scarcériaux

Hotels and Resorts with Elements of Biophilic Design


Smog Free Project | Air Pollution To Be Solved

Green Roofs | Creating Aesthetic And Sustainable Buildings


Why The Paris Olympics Will Be The Most Sustainable Games Ever Held

How Has TikTok Changed The Way We Shop For Luxury

Elevate The Energy Of Your Home With Feng Shui

Why You Should Try Waterless Cooking?

A Guide To Green Cleaning

Daniel Chent

Why is everybody talking about Lagom, Hygge and Dan Sha Ri?

How To Clean Your Digital Life

A Guide To Permaculture Gardening

Luxiders Magazine Print Issue 11 | The Dream

Everything You Should Know About Microplastics

A Guide To Terrace Plants That Will Help You Find The Calm Of Nature


Dustan Woodhouse Beach Pollution

Paradise Under Threat | The Battle Between Tourism And Waste

Paris Guide | Best Sustainable Places In The City Of Love

What is Slow Travel? | A Guide To Sustainable and Mindful Tourism

Phone Being Held With Lake Background Sustainable Apps

Top Sustainable Travel Apps for Eco-friendly Travellers

Hotels and Resorts with Elements of Biophilic Design

Eco-Tourism, Luxiders Magazine

Eco-Tourism | Greenwashing In The Travel Industry

How To Support The Local Community When Travelling

Arctic Tourism | Will It Ever Be Sustainable Or Should It Stop?

San Sebastian

The Finalists For The 2024 European Smart Tourism Awards

Should We Travel After A Natural Disaster?

glamping under the stars

Glamping In Switzerland | A Guide To Luxurious Camping Sites

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