Beauty Editorial | Sorry | Letter To The Black Community



Our print issue n. 6 features a beauty editorial with Nyawargak Gatluak. Behind the scenes, Luxiders had a talk with Nyawargak, who told us about the nuances of her skin colour and her career as a Black model in the fashion industry.


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The fashion industry is not used to working with dark skin tones: they are neither prepared to style afro hair nor have they the right makeup—this on the surface; on a deeper level, the mistreatment that many Black models receive due to their skin colour is more distressing. The preference for white beauty standards make models feel that they can't shine as bright as they could—even icon Naomi Campbell has infinite stories of racial offense. 

Acknowledging these disparities in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, Luxiders produced a beauty editorial featuring model Nyawargak Gatluak, who has shared with us how her skin reminds her of her roots, her ancestors, and more important, how it reenacts to that primal feeling that represents love. Watch here the short interview, and find the editorial A letter to the Black Community. Sorry. in our most recent issue.



Photography: Jens Wittwer
Styling: Belvis Soler
Makeup Artist: Gian Luca Venerdini using Pat McGrath with H. Atelier
Model: Niawargak Gatluak | MIRRS Models 
Team Assistants: Alejandra Espinosa & Leila Salinas


This interview is part of a beauty editorial featured in our most recent print.