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Anne Schollenberger demonstrates that vegan materials don’t have to sacrifice style and quality. As a luxury, PETA-Approved accessories brand, Anne Schollenberger encourages their customers to dream whilst protecting animals and the planet. Luxiders Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing the founder of her namesake label, Anne Schollenberger. 


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Passion for design has always flown through Anne Schollenberger’s veins. Beginning her creative journey at Hamburg Academy, she studied Communication Design and Art Direction. Anne Schollenberger then worked as a project manager in various agencies, before setting up her own agency over 20 years ago. An impressive venture, but Anne Schollenberger always had one thing on her mind: starting her very own label. A large part of the dream was to create a label without the need to sacrifice the life of an animal, leading to the idea of creating a vegan accessories label in 2019. During Covid 19 when it wasn’t possible to put on events, she saw the opportunity and took it: founding Anne Schollenberger.

Anne Schollenberger seemed to have entered a niche market when first starting out. Vegan, luxury accessories were far and few in between, and this was only a few years ago. Anne views it as a big problem in the system: “There are too few vegan luxury labels.” It's a thorough process, but Anne regards truly vegan production should be transparent for the customer, whilst communicating the company’s strategy.

Determined to make an impact, Anne Schollenberger’s longstanding dream has been to be a featured designer at New York Fashion Week and organise a show. Anne’s lifelong passion for bags and shoes later expanded to a love of hats. With this passion, paired with her drive for ethical production, was a label waiting to be created: “This vision just had to be brought to life”. And so it was: Anne Schollenberger was born. For Anne, she wanted the accessories to be able to match from the get-go, but through coordination and materials, rather than just colour: “The concept is always the matching combination of handbag, shoes and hat. For me, that creates the perfect style.”

Since then, a sneaker has been added to the collection, expanding the combination possibilities even further. They are currently working on the second collection.



Choosing a suitable alternative to leather wasn’t difficult for Anne Schollenberger. Cactus leather “looks like leather, feels like leather and has similar properties”, an instant favourite. However, sourcing the right producers was a longer process: “as vegan leather wasn’t widely used, we had to find producers who were prepared to work with the material”. The team at Anne Schollenberger eventually found enthusiastic manufacturers in Portugal, willing to see their vision through. Anne is still very much involved in the process, always looking for new vegan materials that, ultimately, she is convinced by. This way, Anne can fully support the products that her label produces.

When asked about the reason behind the focus on vegan accessories, Anne explains it’s not only to protect animals, but the planet, too. Made from renewable resources, the vegan leather requires “only a fraction” of the water used in production compared to animal leather, whilst maintaining high quality levels. Cactus leather also avoids the tanning process of animal leather that produces chemically contaminated waste.

All of Anne Schollenberger products are PETA certified, meaning that PETA also inspects their producers. Anne believes these ethical certifications are important because “it verifies that no animal materials are used and that no animal testing is carried out during production.” It’s a badge of honour, representing Anne Schollenberger as a trusted brand.



Vegan from inception, Anne Schollenberger offers a clear focus of accessories that showcase how vegan products can still be luxurious. The vegan handbags, shoes and hats can be “perfectly combined because they are coordinated during the design process and made from the same materials”. 



Anne Schollenberger is a brand that also highlights how the beauty of designs come from within: “our accessories are not only beautiful on the outside, but also have a loving inner life”. Granted by the author himself is a text from Hans Kruppa that features all throughout the lining of the accessories:


“Truly rich is he who has more dreams in his soul than reality can destroy”


One of Anne’s favourite texts, it’s a reminder that motivates us everyday and helps us discover our dreams, making the accessories even more personal to the designer. Another unique feature, Anne Schollenberger handbags also have a secret compartment for a GPS transmitter, to help you find your bag if it is stolen.



Anne Schollenberger is available on their online store and also at JADES Düsseldorf. Anne emphasises that a store that sells their products must align with their sustainable brand values: “It’s important to me that a store matches our label in terms of style and doesn’t offer mass-produced goods.”



“It’s important to me that a store matches our label in terms of style and doesn’t offer mass-produced goods.”




Currently working on a second collection, Anne Schollenberger also has events in the diary: “we will definitely be attending Neonyt in January and will also be organising an event together with JADES in Düsseldorf.” Despite many setbacks, including repeated delays and delivery issues, the first collection that was made was “incredibly positive”, setting the tone for the anticipated new collection.

In terms of vegan leather, it remains at their core: “we want to make a difference in the fashion world and in the minds of our customers”, ultimately contributing to a “better future for animals and people.”


“Get the message out into the world, because we need many more supporters and many customers don’t even know how much damage is done to people, animals and environment by leather production. Vegan rocks!” 


+ All Images © Julian Erksmeyer 


Jemima Patterson
Luxiders Magazine