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What did you say? Gender Revolution?

Yes, perhaps it is my visual declaration of love,

a kind of deep breath.



I was not born with a crack in my soul, 

It was just your misreading.

I will always live as I will die...


Being myself. 



He wears sweatshirt by RE.SUSTAIN, 100% organic cotton GOTS® certified; and jeans by GOOD SOCIETYmade in Italy with finest organic cotton yarns. The dresses are from the sustainable vegan fashion brand SANIKAI.


The dress Eina is made in Germany by sustainable vegan fashion brand SANIKAI with mix of 80% organic cotton and 20% Polyester. 


Chiara wears sweater NADJA KIESS, from Beyond Curiosity Collection. The protection of nature and a life in harmony with the resources are a special concern of the label. Luca wears Heart Asymmetric Sweater, made with 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca in Merlot Red color, by GRACIELA HUAM.


Louis wears Stephan Workpant Men and sweatshirt Koby Reverse, both constructed using organic cotton fabric and made by socially responsible certified manufacturers, by RE.SUSTAIN. The unisex coat is from NADJA KIESS. Chiara wears total look by NADJA KIESS, from Beyond Curiosity Collection. Shoes are from TRIPPEN. Sunglasses are from COMME DES COSTUMES.


The long dress Asta by SANIKAI is made of 100% recycled Plastic Bottles from europe and the fabric is made in Italy.


Chiara wears red dress by LANA-ORGANIC. Its wool comes from certified organic livestock. Vero wears vintage raincoat by COMME DES COSTUMES


Louis wears coat with recycled buttons and Italian wool with mohair content by LANA-ORGANIC. The sustainable 100% organic cotton pants are by RE.SUSTAIN.  The shoes are from TRIPPEN


Vero wears total look by CUS BARCELONA. The Terenticocoa Dress, 100% Tencel, is made by women on risk of social exclusion. The MAMUKArw Coat is made from 100% Recycled wool (+organic fibers lining). The boots are made by sustainable company TRIPPEN. Sunglasses are from COMME DES CONSUMES.


Chaza Slingbag by HAROLD'S, made with cowhide Country leather, 100% vegetable tanned.


Louis wears vintage total look by COMMES DES COSTUMES, The Cher Crochet hat is from GRACIELA HUAM. It is made with Peruvian Alpaca felted and details in crochet. 


The country travel bag is from HAROLD'S, made with cowhide Country leather, 100% vegetable tanned.


Heart Asymmetric Sweater, made with 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca in Merlot Red color, by GRACIELA HUAM.


All the labels featured in this Fashion Editorial have a commitment to sustainability and a common desire: ethics and aesthetics to co-exist within the modern fashion world. All images have been captured by analog cameras.


Creative Direction & Production LUXIDERS
Models LOUIS WALTER POLL @iconic_mgmt / CHIARA SAMPAIO DIWALD @megamodelagency / VERO BAUMEISTER  @seedsmodels / LUCA MOGILKA @tfmberlin