Fair Fashion Story * Desired Illusion


We melt into stories of desired illusions.



We are the dreamers,

reinventing a life bursting with imagination.


Johannes (right): Shirt by HOT FUTURES. Trousers by BEYOND RETRO. Belt: Stylist's own. Boots by DELICIOUS JUNCTION. Antony (left): Shirt by PUMA RECYCLED. Trousers by ROKIT. Waistcoat by PROTOCOL. Boots by TOMMY LAMA. Cravat SAMMY VINTAGE

Vintage Aviators Glasses. Shirt by HOT FUTURES.

Vintage Jacket LLD. Vintage St Micheal Shirt. Trousers by BEYOND RETRO.  Justin Vintage Boots.

Vintage 60's Jacket . Tank by ROKIT. Trousers by RETRO DAISY.

Antony (left): Tank by  ROKIT.  Trousers by RETRO DAISY. Johannes (right):  Trousers by MADDIE GRACE MCGHEE. Shirt by STELLA MCCARTNEY. Vintage Boots by ROKIT.


Johannes (left): Trousers by KOWTOW. Shirt by STELLA MCCARTNEY. Shirt by MADDIE GRACE MCGHEE. Vintage Glasses. Boots by DELICIOUS JUNCTION. Antony (right): Shirt by URBAN RENEWAL. T-Shirt by ROKIT. Trousers by BEYOND RETRO. Boots by JUSTIN VINTAGE.


Johannes (back): Shirt by URBAN RENEWAL. Trousers by MADDIE GRACE MCGHEE. Shirt by THOUGHT. Boots by DELICIOUS JUNCTION. Antony (front): Shirt by AUSTIN REED. Jackets by MADDIE GRACE MCGHEE. Trousers by RECYCLED CHEAP MONDAY. Vintage Boots from ROKIT.


All the labels featured in this Fashion Editorial have a commitment to sustainability and a common desire: ethics and aesthetics to co-exist within the modern fashion world. 



Photographer: Maddy Temple
Stylist: Emily Tollner
Models: Johannes @nevsmodelsAntony @agencesilver 
MUA: Natasha Hasenkopf
VR: Karine Zenda
Words: Belvis Soler