Fashion Editorial | F(ol)low


I am static
I am stillness
Swiftly pulled
To burst
Squirming, Meandering
I f(ol)low.

Head to toe
Grandious Gravity
Flaking, Rallying
A tranquil folding
Whirling winds
come to stillness
I am tranquility
I f(ol)low.

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Anouk gazes in trousers and a cape by NOBI TALAI. The headpiece is created on-demand in Berlin by FIONA BENNETT. The same goes for the body, created in Munich by IRENE LUFT.


Anouk wears a draped creation by FLORIAN SCHULZE. He creates individual made-to-measure pieces on demand. The top is handmade by CHROMATIC BERLIN. The from FIONA BENNETT. Her shop is Berlin-based and all
production takes places in the city as well. The necklace is from the local designer VANESSA BARONI. Boots are by STEVE MADDEN. The brand started with sustainability reporting in 2019, showcasing clear goals for 2025 towards inclusive and sustainable design principles covering water usage, recycling practices, and packaging solutions.


The shoulder-padded dress is from the German designer LAURA GERTE, who uses deadstock fabrics. The skirt is from NOBI TALAI. With a new made-to-order concept, she focuses on avoiding overproduction and waste with a small
team producing to order in the label's Berlin studio. Shoes are by MSGM that just kicked off their sustainability journey by experimenting with new materials such as recycled wool, poplin, and denim.  FIONA BENNETT created the headpiece. The ring is from RENÉ TALMON L’ARMÉE. Their classic, completely crafted designs are locally made in their Berlin and Parisian Marais ateliers.


The suit Anouk is wearing is a DSTM construction. The brand focuses on a unique mix of bodywear, lingerie, loungewear, and swimwear made with ecological and performance fabrics. Everything is produced in Europe.


Robe, bustier, and panties are from German renowned avant-gardist MARINA HOERMANSDER. She only uses vegan leather and ensures small-batch local production within Berlin and is an ambassador for the Best Water Technology initiative against plastic bottles. Anouk wears a handmade, Berlin-created one-off headpiece designed by LUISE ZÜCKER. The shoes are MSGM.


Anouk is staging a romantic dress made in Berlin by DANNY REINKE. Inspired by nature, the designer works a lot with natural fabrics such as jute. The body is from DSTM. The ROECKL gloves are designed as resource-efficient as possible, PFC-free and consist of significant amounts of recycled and recyclable materials. The boots are designed by LAURA GERTELUISE ZÜCKER created the organically shaped headpiece. 


Anouk dances freely in a MARCELL VON BERLINblazer. The brand produces both ready-to-wear and avant-garde fashion exclusively in Europe and in small quantities. Shorts are handcrafted by IRENE LUFT in her Munich studio. Earrings by LOTT. Jewels are recycled 925 sterling silver. The hat is by FIONA BENNETT.  The strapsband is designed and made in CHROMATIC BERLIN atelier.


Anouk wears a swirly dress by IRENE LUFT. Coat and shorts are from latex-specializing, tailor-made, and handmade in AN ELASTIC WORLD. Tights are by WOLFORD, an Austrian brand rooted in sustainable considerations due to its nature-rich location. Each of their suppliers is selected by certificates ensuring compliance with ecological and social standards such as Standard 100 of OEKO-TEX®. They aim for 50% of their products to be recyclable by 2025. The headpiece is by FLORIAN SCHULZE. Anouk is floating around in boots by STEVE MADDEN.


Anouk is covered in locally produced Berlin leather garments with her coat by NOBI TALAI. The jacket is from AN ELASTIC WORLD and CHROMATIC body. The socks are from FLAKE while the ring and earring are by GINA PELOSI. The jewelry house creates for all genders, offering cutting-edge, conceptual jewelry with ethical materials, personalized service, and small-batch, local production.