Fashion Story | If I Were a Fish…


If I were a fish...,

...I would dream with a better world.


Plastic is visibly contaminating Earth’s natural ecosystems, toxifying our oceans and massacring marine wildlife; this is a crisis, a tragedy of the worst kind. Every year, 8 million tons of plastic escape into our oceans and by 2050 this statistic is set to double. But what if we told you that we have a choice. A chance to steer our planet away from a plasticised, apocalyptic vision of the future, and liberate thousands of species from near certain extinction. Don't keep ignoring reality! Take off the blindfold!



Necklace by CHOPARD. 

Earrings and Necklace Pushkin by CHOPARD. Responsibility and ethics are values enshrined at the heart of Chopard’s philosophy. As an indepen- dent company, it produces all of its gold alloys in it own in-house foundry, and have done since 1978.


Gold Ice Cube Ring and bracelets, with diamonds, by CHOPARD. The Ecrou de Cartier and Juste un Clou bracelets, both18K yellow gold are from CARTIER. The company fully committed to the Kimberley Process, which ensures that exported diamonds are conflict-free. The massive ring is handmade by ELVETIA.


Moonsun necklace by ATELIER SWAROVSKI BY PENELOPE CRUZ. The limited-edition line is crafted in rose gold and rhodium colorways and features sparkling constellations inspired by the galaxy. Swarovski ongoing 2019 efforts across Water Stewardship, Women’s Empowerment, Fair Partnerships, Conscious Design, and Sustainable Innovation.


Diamonds Earrings and Ice Cube Ring by CHOPARD. As part of “The Journey to Sustainable Luxury”, Chopard launched a commitment to support responsible artisanal gold mining cooperatives in Latin America in achieving Fairmined Certification. The company produces all of its gold alloys in its own in-house foundry. There, 70% of production waste is recycled. Rings Wild, Apollo and Edelweiss by ELVETIA. Local crystal hunters look for unique crystals in the beautiful Swiss mountains and Elvetia makes timeless jewelry out of it.


Bracelet 3 GLD by CARTIER. Rings Apollo and Wild by ELVETIA. Edelweiss earrings and pendant, also by ELVETIA. Moselle Cat Eye Sunglasses by ATELIER SWAROVSKI EYEWEAR. Atelier Swarovski’s unmistakable craftsmanship and creativity shines in a collection of crystal embellished sunglasses handcrafted in Italy.


Earrings by CARTIER.

Edelweiss pendant and Orbit Star pendant, both with faceted Swiss rock cristal made by ELVETIA. Earrings and rings from Ice Cube Collection by CHOPARD. Ring Happy Diamonds, also by CHOPARD.The company joined SBGA in 2017 in order to further increase its contribution in artisanal gold miners’ improvement initiatives and therefore contribute to a further growth of volumes of responsibly extracted gold.

Love bracelet, 18K yellow gold by CARTIER. The Maison was one of the founding members of the Responsible Jewelry Council. The Council’s mandate is to ensure that the communities involved in mining are paid fairly and are protected by the highest safety, working and environmental standards. Massive Rock Ring by ELVETIA, a company that only use Swiss rock crystals, smoky quartzes and Swiss gemstones collected and recove- red by local crystal hunters in the Swiss mountains.


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All the labels featured in this fashion editorial are committed to sustainable practices and have in common to make of the fashion world a more ethical industry.



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