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Barbora wears dress by JULIANA BRNAKOVA. Sharifa wears body by JULIANA BRNAKOVA. Juliana's collection is called "The Chance'' and is based on her method of processing textile waste. The textile waste is collected directly from a variety of different fabrics including fabric cuts, thread trimmings or even pieces of socks. This method is considered to be zero waste production since the collection does not use the actual waste but does not create any new kind of waste.



Kevin wears outfit by LUKASZ KUBINSKI. Sharifa wears dress, coat, and handbag by LUKASZ KUBINSKI. The Polish designer's "Furniture clothes Collection" uses mostly upholstery materials leftover from furniture production in accordance to the "no waste" principle. As such, this collection is a reminder that fast fashion is not the only problem but also "fast furniture.'' There are many ways to reuse old furniture instead of discarding them to the trash. 


Barbora wears outfit by ANNA SIBITKA. In her collections, she always uses unique prints and combines them with additional hand embellishments. The clothes in her collection "Feel the Pattern" were made of natural textiles and textile waste from a sewing shop. Even the patterns on here clothes were made of natural paints in an effort to produce her clothing as environmentally-friendly as possible.


Veronika and Karolina wear outfits by YAXIAN FENG. Her diploma collection "Yehenara" combines Eastern and Western cultures, creating a harmony that is always present in her designs. Focusing on sustainability more consciously, the young designer created zero waste designs for the collection such as the puffer jacket or the fishnet pieces with no fabric left to discard. For some pieces, recycled materials like pull tabs from soda cans were used and upcycled into a top and a headdress.



Jana wears outfit by LAKA, a streetwear and sustainability brand founded by Kristina Honcarivová and Laura-Andrea Zizková. Their collection "Lamé+Stan?'' was designed with an upcycling approach and consisted of puffer jackets and sweatshirts sewn from surplus Lurex. The Czech designers also incorporated discarded items such as tourist tents with material still functional and suitable for the raincoats produced in their collection.    


Veronika and Sharifa wear outfits by KAMILA MAJKA-DZIEDZIC. Starting her collection "Untouched" in the midst of the pandemic, Kamila decided to create the collection with the fabrics that she collected through the years of her fashion education. There are fabrics from the school's tasks, the closed sewing room and deadstock fabrics bought locally. With her work, she balances between fashion that is avant-garde and ready-to-wear.  


Karolina, Barbora, and Sharifa wears outfit by NATALIS REPKOVA. With her latest collection titled "The Artist's Salon, Natalis aims to create for people who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd to be authentic. She concentrates on the connection between oil painting and clothes, textile structures, reliefs and vibrant colors.


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The European Fashion Accelerator (EFA) showcases young creative talents in the Central European region. EFA has hosted more than thirty expert fashion lectures, workshops and panels and introduced more than 60 young talented designers and helped them in starting up a successful career. This year's EFA focused on the theme of sustainability and slow fashion. It examined the relationship between the online world and its impact on creativity. Together with the partners, EFA strived to explore sustainability across borders of the V4 countries and created a Sustainability Collaboration Platform including a database of local manufacturers, producers and fashion experts.

Luxiders Magazine participated in a round table discussion as part of this year’s program titled “The Future of Luxury is Sustainability“. Panelists and univerisities with expertise in education, talent, sustainability and business joined together for this talk.



Photo: Petr Kozlik

Art director: Karolina Bosakova

Make-up & Hair: Michaela Ohemova YSL 

Hair styling: Frank Provost

Location: NH Collection Carlo IV. Prague

Producer: European Fashion Accelerator

Models: Barbora & Karolina Unique One Models, Sharifa & Kevin Agents, Veronika & Jana Miss Factory

Styling: All the outfits are from the EFA 2021 best designers selected for the Talents Search:

Anna Sibitka and Yaxian Feng from Hungary, Laka and Anezka Mackova from Czech Republic, Natalis Repkova and Juliana Brnakova Slovak Republic, Kamila Majka-Dziedzic and Łukasz Kubiński from Poland.