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Polarized times, they say…
Night is Day.

Should I dress for the occasion?
Or will the dress of my soul be enough?

The curtains of trees will not complain, I guess.
No, I have no green obsessions.
I just want to lie down on iridescent moments,
And get together, in peace…

Isn’t peace the residence of the true beauty of life?



Swimwear by NATASHA TONIC, revolutionizing swimwear by making it out of natural hemp and organic cotton fibers that are Ecocert Certified. This swimwear is made locally with love and sustainable practices in Los Angeles. Straw Hat by FIONA BENNETT - ONE WORLD. It is handwoven with traditional techniques in a village in the Bolgatanga region in Ghana. The straw is from local abundant kinkanhe (Veta Vera) grass and coloured with natural dyes.


Trend-defying swimwear made by GALAMAAR from ocean waste. It is produced in limited quantities in Los Angeles. Silk scarf: MOSCHINO Vintage.


Katharina wears the 1 4 UR SOUL swimsuit from HAH | HOT-AS-HELL - made of EFL™, an innovative, eco-friendly, performance fabric, & printed using eco-friendly digital printings methods. Maja wears black OH MARGOT! ONE-PIECE by GALAMAAR, made from ocean waste. 


With a high-cut Brazilian hip, the shoulder strap wraps around the back and ties around the waist, the 1 4 UR SOUL swimsuit from HAH | HOT-AS-HELL makes it an easy fit to the body while showing off all the assets.


The Surf Suit by KORU SWIMWEAR is perfect for every watersport, providing 50+ UV protection. It is made from regenerated nylon yarn by ECONYL® derived from items such as discarded fishing nets and carpet fluff bound for landfills. Shirt by BLACK VELVET CIRCUS, a company based in Hamburg/Germany and dedicated to empower women through design. Straw Hat by FIONA BENNETT - ONE WORLD


Dresses by LENA'S LOVELY VINTAGE. Moroccan babouches original oriental-style slippers run by Berlin artist with Moroccan roots LALLA BABOUCHE. Hats Stylist ́s own Vintage. 


Katharina & Maja share Kimono by RIANNA + NINA, a company with passion for vintage fabric, vibrant prints, traveling and a positive way of living.


Katharina (lying down) wears dress by LENA'S LOVELY VINTAGE. Maja wears dress by BLACK VELVET CIRCUS X STUDIO NAENNA


Skirt by MALDITA MARIA It is a tribute to all the forgotten painters of history. The piece is designed and made in Alicante, Spain. Digital printed on eco-friendly cotton. Hand-knitted sweater by MAIAMI , a Berlin-based label that attaches huge importance to a sustainable and transparent work process. Sunglasses by ANDY-WOLF, handmade in Austria. Jewelry by FOLKDAYS, a fair fashion label from Berlin.



Creative Direction & Production LUXIDERS
Photography JENS SCHMIDT 
Video Direction JENS SCHMIDT 

Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist PATRICIA HECK