Story With Impact | What If The Water Stops?


Amazing Shepherd, 25 years old, from Zimbabwe, works on

an apple farm in beautiful Elgin Valley. Soon he has to face

leaving his beloved home and his life that he has built over 5 years.

Hundreds of thousands Zimbabweans are forced to leave South Africa before July 2023.


It’s sad, people are desperate and it leaves countless individuals and families

without hope.

„What if the water stops?“

refers to water itself as Elgin Valley is Cape Town’s green vain.

How do we survive if the water stops?

 Shepherd jumped on this opportunity to

explore and show himself differently.

He had never done a professional photo shoot before.

How will he carry on? Will he find

another green vain?


"I can feel my heart“ - he says.




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Pink-blue top: BLUEPRIEST. Ring: HOLY BUYBLE. White pants & socks: stylist’s own, vintage. Sandals: TEVA


Boiler suit: Shepherd’s own work suit. Necklace: from a street market in Cape Town, Long Street. Tie & shoes: stylist’s own, vintage.



Shirt T bucket hat: COLDWASH47. Pants: stylist’s own. Gum boots: Shepherd’s own work boots. 


Jumpsuit with orange-white pattern by BLUEPRIEST. Sunglasses: stylist’s own Rainboots: Shepherd’s own work boots.


Jeans Jacket: Collaboration KATOYA BINGALA & ALIEN SHIT APPAREL. Button down shirt: ISELWA DESIGNS. Pants: BLUEPRIEST.


Peacock pants: JUKAN CLOTHING. Button down shirt: Vintage from Cape Town. Sandals: TEVA.


All the labels featured in this fashion editorial are from South Africa. They are committed to sustainable practices and have in common to make of the fashion world a more ethical industry.


Location: Apple Farm, Elgin Valley, South Africa