Female Empowerment: 10 Fashion Brands Made by Women for Women



“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish” - Michelle Obama.



The fashion industry has continuously exploited women throughout its history, from garment workers working tirelessly in sweatshops, to the portrayal of women as commodities in high fashion. Fashion has also been a tool for women to feel empowered, and the age of “power dressing” hasn’t faltered at all. In an era of sustainable fashion, female empowerment thrives. These brands are made by women for women.


We Are We Wear

Natalie Paul and Chelsea Williams wanted to create swimwear for all women and all occasions. We Are We Wear uses unwanted materials and creates colorful and empowering swimwear for everyone. They provide sizes XS-3XL in all of their styles, because every woman deserves to feel confident in their swimwear!



Selva Negra

Empowerment and ethical practice are at the core of Selva Negra, and their work with non-profit organizations like Planned Parenthood works to build better communities and provide high-quality and flawless clothing. Founders Kristen and Sam combine their tomboy and feminine identities to create clothes for all women.



Eileen Fisher

At Eileen Fisher, they don’t just create sustainable fashion. Their Women Together initiative is a live-streaming experience where women can share their stories, uplift, and empower each other. Eileen Fisher’s core values aim to “empower women and girls, especially as advocates for the environment [and] respect and honor differences in age, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.”   



Girlfriend Collective

We believe health and wellness comes in many shapes and sizes, and that representation matters.” Girlfriend Collective is vocal about its materials, packaging, and its work to have all women represented in fashion. Their Girlfriend to Girlfriend initiative partners with businesses and women, creating content and paying them or donating to charity for their work.




This ethical brand is all about empowering women. Through their work, ABLE creates opportunities for women in poverty; employing them, educating them, and working with them to end poverty cycles. Their She Is ABLE podcast tells the stories of eight women and their work toward a brighter future.



House of Aama

Mother and daughter duo, Rebecca and Akua, create pieces that are rooted in African culture. Using African artisans, the gorgeous pieces created ensure that tradition and talent are continued and celebrated. Their new collection Bloodroot “conveys to people of color the strength and resilience of the experience of African people in the Southern United States.”



We Are Kin

We Are Kin’s timeless and classic pieces are designed and produced to last forever, fighting against temporary trends. Their initiatives are for modern woman and the struggles faced by them every day. We Are Kin’s “It Takes Tits To Do That" T-shirt sold out, and a third of the profits were donated to Refuge, The Fawcett Society, and Women’s Aid. 



Stripe & Stare

Stripe & Stare’s knickers are all about empowering women. Their knickers are symbolic: “kind to the planet and so comfortable they leave you free to conquer the world.” Stripe & Stare gives 5% of their profits to women empowering charities, including The Lady Garden Foundation. Their knickers are super soft and require 95% less water than cotton to make, so they’re not just kind to you, but to the planet as well.   



Pour Les Femmes

Pour Les Femmes (For The Women) is a conscious sleepwear brand creating opportunities for women living in regions of conflict. At their core, Pour Les Femmes fights for comfort and security as a fundamental human right, providing work for women and helping their local economies to thrive. 




Made from conscious and recycled materials, Proclaim creates inclusive lingerie for all women. Each step is full of thought, from sourcing to packaging, ensuring that their carbon footprint is as small as can be. Proclaim believes that fashion is for all women and should be represented as such, whilst also being conscious of the planet.

+ Words:  Shaelei Parmar 

Shaelei Parmar is a Fashion and Sustainability Blogger. She recently graduated with a degree in English and Drama and is beginning her journey as a writer and sustainable consumer. She has her own Blog ( https://shaestyles.blog/).

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