Berlin’s wildest Vintage Couture | Luxury Vintage and Secondhand


The pre-owned clothing market has a lot to offer and buying secondhand is perhaps the easiest way to be a conscious consumer of fashion in the midst of a climate emergency — But this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or style. 


New collectives and shops are popping up everywhere to capitalize on the new demand for sustainable luxury. Berlin is bubbling with some of the wildest secondhand boutiques. We chose the best curated selections of luxury secondhand in Berlin for you to explore.


Why buy Pre-Owned?

Connect with your clothing.
Buying vintage will change your relationship to the clothes you wear. Vintage stores offer far more variety with greater freedom for you to express yourself. You are not shopping by trend or season so your wardrobe will shape itself around your personal aesthetic and your clothes will stay with you longer. Combine pieces from the last century in fresh and modern ways and your ensembles will be timeless and unique.

Save money.
As Fanny Moizant, the co-founder and president of Vestiaire Collective says, “The £1 T-shirt shouldn’t exist. At the same time, luxury pieces are so expensive. Resale makes luxury fashion accessible to the middle class.” The resales market provides an affordable alternative to fast fashion for the middle-class consumer.

Save the world.
The second-hand clothing industry has environmental, social, and economic benefits that range from fewer carbon emissions to conserving water and reducing waste. The Nordic Council of Ministers estimated that 190,000 tons of CO2 was conserved and water consumption was reduced by 70 million cubic litres by purchasing on the second-hand clothing market. Buying vintage clothes means reducing the ecological burden that comes with the production of new clothing.



1. Ironic Gallery

Owner: Hanako

Address: Flughafenstraße 22, 12053 Berlin

Selection: 70s-90s sportswear, French vintage and more


Hanako’s colourful enterprise is luxury the morning after— shamelessly undone. Her cozy lair is situated in the heart of Neukölln, Berlin’s dirtiest yet vibrant district. Hanako’s curated selection of vintage couture is bursting with creativity and life. Go no further to find pieces that will stand out in the flood of conservative trends. A beautiful selection of premium blazers, co-ordinates, and formal wear as well as denim, sportswear, latex, shoes, and more! Shopping at Ironic Gallery feels like falling down the rabbit whole into the closet you always wish you had.

2. Soba 32

Owner: Ivana

Address: Flughafenstraße 32, 12053 Berlin

Selection: Vintage Couture 


Soba 32 is seductive and refined. Walking into Ivana’s boudoir, you might see her sitting on a sofa holding her greyhound in her arms. Glamour and romance are in the air and only the creme de-la creme of vintage couture are showcased here. Ivana selects rare pieces from all around the world to curate her collection. She dresses the modern woman who wears garments that are one of a kind and in top condition - “Hand selected vintage gems”. You are a visitor in the closet of a grande madame. Go for the visual stimulation.

3. The Good Store

Owner: Gerda

Address: Pannierstraße 31, 12047 Berlin

Selection: Contemporary women's and men's second-hand clothing 


Gerda draws from commission, choosing a small but thorough selection of both quality men’s and womenswear — bags, dresses, shoes, shirts, pants and more. The Good Store offers pre-owned clothing not so much chosen by brand but rather by taste and condition. Jil Sander dresses and Isabel Marant shoes are next to no-brand shirts and rare vintage pieces are next to pre-owned streetwear. Go to The Good Store for approachable sophisticated apparel and check in often, as she’s always circulating new pieces from the back.

4. Vintage Berlin

Owner: Paula

Address: Karl-Kunger-Straße 54, 12435 Berlin

Selection: Genuine vintage pieces (1920s -1980s), men’s vintage suits


Paula’s boutique near Görlitzer Park is the place to go for authentic and quality vintage styles. Her selection of true vintage items are timepieces from the last century — genuine 1920s wedding dresses, bustiers, slips and nègligèes to dresses, boots and bags. Paula ensures quality items and has a tailoring service to get the perfect fit. Her men’s wear section is filled with 1970s two-piece suits and vests, for the perfect fall ensemble.

5. Chrome Store

Owner: Jochen

Address: Lenaustraße 10, 12047 Berlin

Selection: premium modern vintage, Women’s and Menswear, local and high-end jewellery designers


Chrome Store is located in the heart of Berlin’s district Kreuzkölln. Jochen’s sustainable concept store specializes in premium "modern" vintage clothes and accessories, as well as current collections and last season by local high end fashion and jewellery designers. These local designers produce in the European Union and guarantee the adherence to social and ecological standards. Chrome Store’s Modern Vintage section has a large assortment of luxury brands as well as sportswear and sneakers in top quality.

6. Wsiura

Owner: Dawid

Address: Sanderstraße 22, 12047 Berlin

Selection: vintage sportswear, sunglasses, leather


Dawid’s store Wsiura merges trash with treasure. Pre-owned exclusive luxury garments and accessories are scattered and displayed on clothing lines constructed from bits and pieces found on the sidewalk. For a circular business, neukölln is the best place to set up shop, Dawid explained. “The sidewalks are a marketplace for anything you need.”  Dawid’s establishment is luxury fashion with the Berlin touch of anarchy. Dawid brings high-fashion to the young and the dangerous. Don’t fear…The men’s section is in the basement.


6. O.F.T

Owner: Marita

Address: Chausseestraße 131 b, 10115 Berlin

Selection: vintage furniture, lighting, clothes and accessories


O.F.T. (Ohne Frage Toll) offers unique vintage furniture, lamps, clothes and accessories, that reflect the spirit of past times. Marita is an expert on rare furnishings & lighting fixtures from the 50's, 60's & 70’s. If you visit OFT, you should have some time. The collection is a treasure hunt of vintage pieces spread out over 140 square metres. Pre-Owned costume jewellery, clothing and shoes from this period can be found here. OFT is frequently visited by film teams and stylists with all items available for rent or purchase. Designer pieces can be found by chance as Marita puts more value on the originality and condition of her resales. If you are looking for unusual collector's items, this is the place to get lost in.