Malo | The Charming And Responsible Knitwear Brand You Will Want Now and Ever



Italian fashion brand Malo is dedicated to the art of fine knitwear. Each garment is entirely produced in lands that are the depository of a long artisan tradition in the heart of Made in Italy. It is marked by slow passages (it takes eight to sixteen hours to create a single garment), the work of skilled workers intertwines technology and ancient wooden frames. The result is a garment to last and love forever. We interview the owner of the company, Maiocchi Walter, to get to know more about the sustainable brand.

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Noblest materials, high craftsmanship and art forms make Malo's knitwear unique. Those are the absolute standards of excellence linked to this Italian fashion brand, with a long artisan tradition in creating unique garments, made to last over time. You can feel this in every garment made by them. 

Malo has being making very fine garments for over 50 years, which only true connoisseurs of refined luxury can understand. As Walter Maiocchi, CEO at Malo, says "It is a company of great value. Malo’s focus to produce in a eco-sustainable economy. We produce few garments, few collections, in a desire for sustainable economy and, in all this, we are inserting pre and post consumer regenerated cashmere, as well as testing many natural yarns whose production is made with low environmental impact."


The Re-Cashmere project was born from the desire to collect their unused yarn and give it new life. "Practically it is a pre-consumer yarn that is regenerated and trimmed in a nouanches which is different every time because it depends on the composition of the yarns that are used. We have also created the Monsai line with "the end cone yarns", small wool accessories that use the remnants of yarn. These are also unique objects, they are not repeatable in their color composition and are in any case made with the highest quality cashmere." - underlines Walter Maiocchi. "Our goal is to nullify the production waste." - he says.

But, why do they do this? "The biggest problem of the current fashion industry is the exaggerated production of garments, badly disposed of, little used and made by low quality that causes limited use" - insists Walter Maiocchi - "In Italy quality is always first, the craftsmanship and experience of our producers is always very high."

"The economy does not help brands that offer garments made with high quality that obviously have prices of a certain type" - declares Walter Maiocchi, CEO of Italian fashion brand Malo.  



This year, Malo celebrates the 50th anniversary of the brand, created in 1972. "Getting started in a totally new industry for me and my team was a great challenge. We had to learn a lot while the company couldn't wait for us. So, it has been a big race, but the company has grown over time, despite the Covid period it has resisted because we have never stopped working making the best of it. The results are always improving. On the horizon, there are new growth strategies in the American and Chinese market." - says Walter Maiocchi.

Using only natural yarns of the highest quality, knowing how to masterfully transform them into garments to wear with a timeless allure, which can be handed down from father to son, as precious memories that speak of us... There is a lot of real passion and care in Malo, to create that suffused luxury that knows how to whisper. To celebrate 50 years of passion, Malo is planning to meet their customers in exclusive events and thank them for their trust. They are planning an event in Rome by the end of the year. 



To be able to offer the most beautiful, quality collections, Malo collaborate only with suppliers with long history, products offered, quality and customization. Malo has always used unique colors to make its clothing. "Our suppliers have certifications for each proposed yarn. The certification is different according to the type of yarn used. We use yarn that comes exclusively from Mongolia, which for climatic and environmental reasons is the best. The Hyrcus goats live free in small flocks and are raised in respect of animal welfare because they are a precious economic source for small local farmers. It is correct that more and more attention is paid to these aspects, so that the well-being of one is not the suffering of others." - says Walter Maiocchi. 


"I sincerely hope we can find a profitable balance between the consumerist way of life we are used to, and the environmental ecosystem. Certainly producing less but better can help, but also buy less, investing more but better, as well as reuse and circular fashion to give new life to objects without wasting new resources."



If you love to dress comfortably but elegantly, you love beautiful things and know how to appreciate the craftsmanship and the details of “well-done”, you will love Malo, a brand made for globetrotters,  people who love to travel and enjoy life. "Our customers are refined people who do not follow the trends of the moment but who have their own personal style. However, we are also investing in younger people, without necessarily changing our style, but creating more fashion items that can please an audience with more dynamic lifestyles." - add Walter Maiocchi. 

Malo has several boutiques in Italy, Marbella (Spain), Courchevel (France), Sylt (Germany), Kiev, Russia and in the Far-East. All are listed on their website, which is also an e-boutique where you can freely buy from home. The company has a valuable customer service that can accompany you in the choice of garments also on the online store. "We are strengthening ecommerce to reach the United States and also China. We have new boutique openings in New York and other locations that we are evaluating." - says Walter Maiocchi.



Authentic Charme is the name of FW22/23 Malo Collection for women and men. It reflects the simplicity and enchantment of innate charm. Garments that enhance the differences that make them unique, suitable to dress everyone's silhouettes, shapes and beauty, with all its perfect imperfections. The collection is made from the most beautiful cashmere, alpaca, silk or wool. There are also pieces made from Re-Cashmere and others made by hand.