Momad Returns With More Sustainability Than Ever



MOMAD takes center stage with over 300 fashion exhibitors, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and emerging talents. Amidst the Sustainable Experience, featuring eco-responsible brands, Spain's premier fashion event will spotlight collections embracing the sustainable ethos mandated by the Green Deal. Notably, the "Momad Talents by ISEM" project will recognize outstanding sustainable initiatives.


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IFEMA MADRID will transform again into a fashion epicenter from February 9 to 11, hosting MOMAD in Pavilion 8. Simultaneously, Intergift, Bisutex, Madridplata, and more by Madridjoya converge, presenting the most extensive array of fashion, accessories, jewelry, decoration, and gifts on the Iberian Peninsula.

Last year's MOMAD edition was a sensation, with every inch occupied. Responding to overwhelming demand, event commercial director Mercedes Ferrero navigated logistical challenges, contemplating a move to a larger pavilion. The success was attributed to robust commercial efforts attracting diverse enterprises.

Weathering the storm of Europe's current fashion event crisis, MOMAD persists with creativity, an optimistic pro-active stance, and a focus on brands embracing sustainable commitments, as highlighted in our exclusive interview with Julia González, the event director, during the last edition.


"In challenging economic times, consumers gravitate towards budget-friendly products. Our role is to emphasize the health benefits of products crafted from sustainable high-quality raw materials," asserts Julia González, Momad Managing Director. 



The Sustainable Experience zone will feature brands with a 100% eco-responsible DNA, including Lamini, Ayje & Marsea, Ellastiek, Fumarix, WattHandCrafted, Sa Terrana, Mantaraya, and Perpetummobile, the latter participating in multiple editions of the event.


"The Sustainable Experience brands are more or less the same in each edition. They keep coming back. That's a good sign, and all of them say it works. Of course, the reduced price for participating in this space helps them a lot." - comments Julia González.


Moreover, in the general Momad space, other fashion brands that meet sustainability criteria, or at least declare it on their websites, will participate. We will visit them to get to know them: Brax, Juliano Bella, Sargantana, Natural Etnic by Bk, Macaronesia, Tartaruga, Alma & Canaria, Ángel Cabrera, Arantxa Arenas Design, Daria Bae, Ellastiek, Green Bags Canarias, Ibiza Stones (Adlib Ibiza fashion), and Quinta & Santos.


"Now, we observe that more and more brands are incorporating sustainability criteria into their productions. I believe that there will come a point where awareness and the implementation of sustainable manufacturing and marketing processes will become a reality. I think it's the trend. We are all increasingly aware that we have to take care of the planet we live on, and fashion is one of the most important elements in this regard." - assures the fair's director.



The Momad Talents Award by ISEM FBS goes to Moclán, a company affiliated with the Sustainable Fashion Cluster of San Sebastián, GK Green Fashion. They halted the commercialization of the brand in 2023 to produce directly, setting up their own workshop and another subcontracted in San Sebastián with women from situations of mistreatment and social exclusion. They have also selected national suppliers with certifications for sustainable materials and continue working towards their goals in line with the 2030 agenda.

Moclán has created a bag representing the new woman of the 21st century. The design is a dream for any fashionista and eco-conscious woman.

Kaus Studio is the second winner of the Momad Talents Premium. The company has a serious commitment to the environment, producing limited quantities of each garment to avoid overproduction and ensure the exclusivity of the pieces. Fabrics are crucial, so they use recycled, ecological, and vegan fabrics (vegan silk) of the highest quality, giving a second chance to stock fabrics that have not been used/sold for a long time. They print them with their unique hand-painted designs.

Both companies will have their own stands at the fair.



These are challenging times. Fashion consumption is not as joyful as before, posing a great challenge for the sector. For sustainable brands, the challenge is even greater, as profit margins are very tight. Nevertheless, they have the support of the new consumer and the establishment of the European Union's Green Deal, which demands adherence to the planet's requirements.


"It's a reality. Young people are buying second-hand fashion. Second-hand allows you to access a luxury that you couldn't if there was only a first-hand market." - says Julia González.



+ Images: @ Courtesy Momad

Belvis Soler
Luxiders Magazine