Luxiders Digital Issue 10

8,00  inc. VAT

Welcome to Luxiders Magazine Digital Issue 10, an allegory on the new wave of designers who want to change the way things are done. The fashion editorials Emotional Membranes, Eternity Exists, and Life Forms are a great testament to this. In this issue, we take a journey with the latest nomads from Mongolia who speak to us about sacred land and aimless paths. We interview the artists of change. Through their works, Jura Shust, Tadeas Podracky, Florian Baudrexel, and Sophie Kielmann whisper tales of environmental undertones, society and traditions, identity, and empowerment. Finally, we delve deeply into extremely current topics such as The Green Claims Directive, the unsustainable reality of the beauty industry, and the lesser-known secrets of the world’s top denim creators.

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