Street Style Berlin * Recall Reality



Envious time never rest

Gather the day -


even gold is perishable

Slipping through dilatation

One can not live in the same world twice

never mind the rest


This project has been supported by NEONYT

Julian wears suit by RHUMAA. The artwork and story of this suit comes from collaborating artist. The company is uniting art and sustainable fashion to positively impact the world around us.

Luca wears vintage jacket from second-hand shop OFT BERLIN. Julian wears suit from RHUMAA. 

Jan wears vintage total look, from OFT Berlin. Johanna wears sustainable custom-made double-breast wool dress with satin lapels by DRESSARTE PARIS, a company that sources sustainable fabrics produced in ethical manner in factories that have integrated Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility management system. Earrings are from vintage shop OFT BERLIN.

Johanna wear boyfriend blazer by EDELZIEGE, 100% Cashmere. White Boots are from HOBO SHOES, High quality fashionable shoes, designed, developed & handcrafted ethically in Germany & Portugal. Vintage pants are from OFT BERLIN.

Julian wears slim jeans Origami by GOOD SOCIETY, made of 100% finest organic cotton. This company is working hard to make the world a better place. The sweetshirt is from HAFENDIEB, a company committed to sustainable production. It is fairly traded and certified organic cotton. Printing and finishing take place regionally in Berlin and Hamburg. Vintage coat is from OFT BERLIN.


Luca wears transparent t-shirt by LANA ORGANIC and Merino Wool trousers by YUNA MIRAY.


Luca wears dress by KOMANA. The company prints designs in rather old fashioned method, working with collage, free hand drawing and paint brushing. Boots are from HOBO SHOES, handcrafted in Germany & Portugal. Vintage Jil Sanders coat is from OFT Berlin

All the labels featured in this Fashion Editorial have a commitment to sustainability and a common desire: ethics and aesthetics to co-exist within the modern fashion world.


Creative Direction & Production LUXIDERS
Photography DUNJA ANTIC
Models LUCA AIMEE & JOHANNA from @megamodelagency  / JAN SCHAEFER @izaio.modelmanagement / JULIAN @m4models
Production Assistant: CECILIA GAETA