Sustainable brands for a positive change



In an era of growing consciousness and concern about the strain mass consumption is placing on the planet and its resources, we need more brands to be sustainable and maximise growth at the same time. Here we select for you our favourites of June. Get to know our sustainable wishlist for a positive change this month. 


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Charlotte by In-Grid


Why to buy: Made from 100% white sheer polka dot cotton with an under layer of 100% white English woven cotton, this garment is handmade in England by a skilled craftsmen and women. By keeping proximity to suppliers to its minimum, the brand is able to closely monitor the well-being of the individuals making its garments. The designer believes all designers and brands alike have a responsibility to produce the best garments with as little unnecessary damage to the planet as possible.


What we love: This brand is built on the principles of fine white shirts for women. Its values take hold and inhabit the very identity of this brand, they help shape its attitudes and inclinations within the design studio and help it to craft a beautiful yet quiet message for an over stimulated world.


Price:  1.214 € - £1,080  


Shop it now: In-Grid


Albiva Luxury Skincare


Why to buy: Inspired by nature and powered by science, Albiva is a revolutionary luxury and organic skincare brand that goes beyond skincare and beauty to develop organic wellbeing products for the face and body. These next generation products are results driven, and have been designed to repair the effects of daily damage to the skin. Albiva prides itself on working with Gemmotherapy, an advanced branch of phytotherapy, using 31 active ingredients, 97% natural ingredients, 81% certified organic ingredients, 100% cruelty free and no plain water as a bulking agent/ filler. 


What we love: Albiva's products are condensed‚ nutrient-dense formulations made without fillers, chemicals and synthetic compounds. They contain many ingredients delivered at the highest levels of concentration. Active ingredients are added using cold processing technology to ensure all ingredients retain maximum effectiveness. They are unisex and suitable for all skin types. We also love that Albiva is one of the few cosmetics brands with a packaging that is not plastic coated. This is one of the most difficult challenges of the cosmetics industry. Our recommendation of the month is the ECM Advanced Repair Lift & Firm Moisturiser.


Price:  185 € - £165  |  Shop it now: Albiva


Guayarmina Dress by Wiwi 


Why to buy: Wiwi is an ethical and sustainable fashion project born of the commitment to the environment and a dream to create beautiful, durable and sustainable garments that respect nature and people. The designs and manufacturing methods intend to generate a positive social impact and offer people the possibility of dressing in an ethical, aesthetic and sustainable way. The company looks for the best European fabrics to create exclusive, unique and durable garments that respect nature and people. 


What we love: The Guayarmina dress is made of Oeko-Tex Certificated linen cultivated and woven in France. Designed and made in Galicia (Spain),  Wiwi is a slow fashion brand that produces locally and creates decent work. They are Zero Waste (with the remnants that they obtain, they make the accessories of the collection –belts and bows–). 


Price:  160 €  - $ 180 USD


Shop it now: Wiwi


Arousa Eco Shirt


Why to buy:  This 100% organic cotton shirt certified by GOTS boasts a basic garment aspect that makes it last over time. Versatile and timeless, the shirt has been designed, manufactured and embroidered locally in Galicia. Its denim look makes it perfect to combine with a wide range of colors and styles. It is a modern and flattering garment that can be worn as a shirt or overshirt, with pants, legging...


What we love: Xiro clothing, besides being 100% organic, is made a few kilometers away from Santiago de Compostela (Galicia). It is a small workshop located in the middle of a rural environment. Proximity production not only supports the creation of employment and fair working conditions in Europe, it also helps to reduce the emission of CO2 caused by the thousands of kilometers traveled by the goods for transport.


Price: 82€ / $92


Shop it now:  The Circular Project


Sneakers Wayz


Why to buy: Ethically made in Porto (Portugal) the sneakers Wayz are 100% made using recycled and biodegradable materials. The brand, actually in crowdfunding campaign, will display on their website the real cost of each shoe, including materials, labour and packaging costs. In addition, Wayz funds solutions to help socially vulnerable and homeless people (1% of the sales will be donated to a local NGO, SAOM).


What we loveWayz’s first collection has 4 models (16 different styles) made of recycled and biodegradable premium materials. Upper and lining are made out of Biocouro, a biodegradable and hypoallergenic cow leather and RPET (recycled plastic). The outsole is made of recycled rubber. Wayz has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, with shoe sizes from 36 to 46 in 4 models and 16 different styles. The launching price is 89€ for those who have subscribed to their newsletter on the website. That is 44% off the future retail price (160€).


Price: 95 € / $106 USD |  Shop it now: Wayz


elliot footwear sneakers


Why to buy: Taking sustainability to a whole new level, elliot footwear is reinventing the footwear industry by creating a sleek, 100% cruelty-free sneakers aiming to create a climate positive impact. Made with vegan-friendly fabrics, one pair of elliott footwear helps the planet by removing 1 metric tonne of co2 emissions.


What we love:
These vegan sneakers are a must-have for climate change warriors. Every pair of elliott footwear is made with upcycled fabrics protected with 100% eco-friendly nano coating and are produced and manufactured in the European Union to ensure fair conditions for the workers.

70 € - 195 €  |  $89 - $220 USD


Shop it Now: elliot footwear

Ugly Studios T-shirts


Why to buy: Ugly Studios plays on the idea of the fashion industry being “UGLY” – the fashion industry is the most polluting industry in the world, second only to oil. They want to turn the ugly industry on its head and create clothing that is “clean and beautiful” at every stage of its production, from the sourcing of raw materials and manufacture to the finished product, and challenge those traditional ideas and conventions, without compromising on quality or design. 


What we love: All the t-shirts in the collection are carbon neutral, made from GOTs certified organic cotton and manufactured in a factory that uses renewable energy & ensures safe and ethical working conditions in accordance to the Fair Wear Foundation. They are donating 10% from each t-shirt to the charity Plastic Oceans UK. The brand uses its design and branding to make a statement against fast fashion and temporary clothing. They've create a 'Care Label' tee that brings the information you'd usually find hidden on the inside to the forefront of the design. 


Price: 44 € / $50 USD / £40  |  Shop it now: Ugly Studios


tom àdam boxer shorts


Why to buy: These boxer shorts have been sewn from premium quality Italian shirt fabric with a small twist from tailored trousers. The swim shorts are produced with a concern for the environment – recycled Ocean plastic is used making the fabric, combined with Japanese snap buttons. They are the perfect fit to take a dip in the Ocean and after, head straight for an aperitivo. In production of the briefs modal is used. The production of this fabric requires 20 times less water than cotton making it the ideal fabric for the underwear collection, as sustainability and ethics are at the core of this brand.


What we love: tom àdam was born in 2015 in Paris with a raison d’être of creating men’s underwear and swim shorts that allow ethics and aesthetics to co-exist. It is a family business. Above all, it's a story of friendship between the creative designer Tom & his dad. Finding a balance between natural textures and earthy colors, to make you love whatever you do and let you be yourself wherever you are.


Price: 35€ - 150€ / $39 - $168


Shop it now:  tom àdam


Luxiders Magazine Print #2

Why to buy: The first sustainable luxury magazine made of waste (recycled paper) aspires to expand the responsible consumption worldwide, building a culture of respect, with positive effects on the economy, society and the environment by reducing poverty, hunger, pollution, climate change and inequalities and increasing well-being, justice and peace. Issue #2 invites you to take a deep dive into the big blue, our oceans, and learn how to save them by doing little things. It also gives you the antidote to overtourism and explains why veganism is on the rise or introduce you to Zero Waste pioneers and Design Futurism Innovators, and much more...

What we love:  Luxiders Magazine Issue 2 is a real labour of love. Each word, each image, each garment featured has been carefully selected to embrace your soul and take it to a better comfort zone, where sublime imperfections disrupt the established codes. It is all about emancipation from common-sense, for the good of our future.

:  12€- $13 USD |  Shop it now: Luxiders Shop