Sustainable Fashion Editorial | The Thrill



In the dark we come,
stepping into the unknown. 

Another place. 

Another adventure,

waiting for the day to dawn.


Here we dare to loose ground. 

We fly, 

we call the future,  

being true to ourselves. 


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Supported by NEONYT

Laura wears dress by DAMUR, making secondhand clothes with prints stimulated by unique patchworks. Earrings from DEAR DARLIN BERLIN, a brand that brings together sustainable fine jewelry and modern, young designs. 


Javier wears joggers made from organic and Fairtrade-certified cotton by DEDICATED.  The jacket is from LANGERCHEN. The collections are made from environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, lyocell, eco-wool, linen or recycled polyester. GOTS certified socks by NIKIN. World's first business bag made of ocean plastic by GOT BAG.


Edda wears total look by LAURA GERTE. All fabrics sourced from secondhand textiles and the approach to work solely with up-cycling. Prints from analogue photos of the Multisex parties at ohm, before Covid and at a time where we could gather freely in safe nightlife spaces to express ourselves and forget time. Earrings are made from recycled gold by ANNA AURAS.




Sven (left) wears organic cotton t-shirt by DEDICATED. The waistcoats is from LANGERCHEN, where classic, timeless designs meet eco-materials. Pants and Javier's total look are from upcycling and genderless brand DAMUR. Bowling shoes are made with apple waste from the juice industry by STEELGROUND. Socks are from NIKIN. Both models are wearing earrings and necklaces made from recycled gold by ANNA AURAS.


Edda wears Lyocell blouse by LANA ORGANIC. Miniskirt is made by LAURA GERTE. The garments are made to promote self confidence, strength, and empowerment. Earrings and rings made from recycled gold by ANNA AURAS, certified by the “Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)”. This ensures that the precious metal is 100% recycled and ethically sourced.


Suit by I FEEL NUT, 100% made in Spain with textiles from Europe. Waistcoats by MELAWEAR, inspired by Cradle to Cradle and FairTrade, GOTS and Grünner Knopf certified. Roller Skates made by IMPALA SKATE using PETA-approved vegan materials. 


Jumpuit by DAWN DENIM. made with organically grown cotton, without the use of any persistent pesticides or other toxins that are harmful to humans and the environment. Jacket by LANGERCHEN. Blouse by sustainable fashion brand LANA ORGANIC. Hip-Bag made from ocean plastics by GOT BAG, which saves 150 ton plastics per year. Flowers Cuban boots made with recycled  plastic collected from the oceans and post consumer use by STEELGROUND


Raincoat by DAMUR. #Travelwear is made using a 100% innovative non-woven textile with apparel membrane from Taiwan that fully confirms to the CNS P2 equipment standards.



Top by KNOWLEDGECOTTON APPAREL, always meeting the highest requirements in quality, responsibility and sustainability. Trousers by DAMUR. Shoes by STEELGROUND.


100% organic lambswool beanie by KNOWLEDGECOTTON APPAREL. Shirt by DEDICATED, made of 100% Tencel Lyocell. Trousers by MELAWEAR. Jacket by fair fashion brand LANGERCHEN. BPA-free Bottle by GOT BAG. With the purchase of a bottle, you are supporting their clean-up in Indonesia.


Headband by MELAWEAR, knitted from 100% finest Fairtrade cotton from organic farming, and completely vegan. Suit by sustainable fashion brand I FEEL NUT. Organic cotton dress-blouse by AVASAN, a luxury fashion brand that celebrates sustainability and love through exclusive collections. Organic cotton socks by NIKIN. Shoes by AEYDE, produced in Limited Quantities in Italy.


Necklace and earrings by DEAR DARLIN BERLIN. Made from recycled 925 sterling silver with a luxurious, recycled 18k gold plating, it is a real statement piece and must-have for your jewelry collection. 


 Top made from organic cotton by KNOWLEDGECOTTON APPAREL. Tencel pants by LANA ORGANIC. Kimono by AVASAN, that recover forgotten textile treasures from abandoned factories and turn them into unique garments. Shoes by KANNA. They collect their shoes after use and use them in the manufacture of new shoes, closing the circle.


Sven wears buzo cap by MELAWEAR knitted from 100% finest Fairtrade Cotton from organic farming. The top by LANA ORGANIC. is made from 65% Lyocell. The 100% silk  lima blouse is from AVASAN. It belongs to their new HOPE collection, 100% made from sustainable or circular materials. The Sollentuna corduroy pants by DEDICATED are made with 98% organic cotton. Boots by WOODY SHOES.


All the labels featured in this fashion editorial are committed to sustainable practices and have in common to make of the fashion world a more ethical industry.


Photography JENS WITTWER
Models: Javier Zamora @ SEEDS MANAGEMENT | Paula V @ M4 MODELS | Edda Eggers & Sven Durst @ INDEED MODELS
Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist Marie & Darya CHRISTIANE BUCHHOLZ