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In today’s time and age, the world of sustainable fashion is constantly growing. This year we noticed several outstanding newcomer-designer in the field of sustainability. Some of them impressed us especially this year with their sustainable approaches showcased during London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week. Luxiders introduces you to them.





The youthful and casual label Charles Jeffrey Loverboy introduced in 2020 a fashion show with the background of an ecological disaster. Their SS22 collection involved daring outfits, gothic vibes, and spooky clown characteristics. However, the label is not just good in making bold statements, but also in putting high emphasis on sustainability, by for instance applying GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton, using recyclable plastic for their packaging, and reducing chemicals within their production processes. Charles Jeffrey’s Loverboy is definitely a sustainable newcome to look out for.




Harris Reed is a British-American fashion designer. According to Reed, fashion is a means to express identity and achieve liberation. It is supposed to spark conversation on contemporary injustices. Besides, Reed’s entire SS22 collection convey absolute delicacy and craftsmanship and was made from clothes that were donated by the British charity shop Oxfam, thereby emphasising the meaning of second-hand clothes, and expressing a strong statement against waste in the fashion industry. On top of that, one piece of the collection will be donated to charity. 





Jiaen Cai is the designer of the label J.E. CAI in which he combines his Chinese upbringing with western technology. Jiaen Cai combines fashion with the field of architecture, sociology and technology. His designs are based on a collection of base layers and components which are mixed and matched using the J.E. CAI Algorithmic Modular System (AMS). AMS allows for a sustainable approach, as new collection components can be matched with old ones, thereby decreasing the amount of waste created. J.E. CAI’s SS22 collection portrayed boxy cuts and a futuristic, robot-like spirit. 



The Taiwanese fashion label Jenn Lee is a true innovator when it comes to finding new sustainable solutions. Designer Wei Chen Lee utilizes waste materials, such as discarded ribbons and denim. However, the label took sustainability to a new level by designing a biodegradable bodycon made of discarded scales of a fish species, called milkfish. The waste fish scales are blended with biodegradable rayon fibre to create a yarn. The creativity and innovation of Jenn Lee’s sustainable approaches are clearly represented in its free-spirited SS22 collection.




Del Core is a Milan fashion brand, founded by Daniel Del Core.  His in Italy crafted designs express fantasy and glamour but also a love for nature, which is mirrored in his SS22 collection, which showcases floral patterns and green and earthy colours. According to Daniel Del Core: “nature has all the answers- there is no need to look much further. Del Core uses for instance plumes that are hand-frayed recycled polyester. Besides, his notion of sustainability includes the fair treatment of his workforce.




The high-end knitwear brand, Lorena Antoniazzi, was founded in 1993. Their SS22 collection entails classic, timeless pieces, based on the aspiration to produce knitwear of excellent quality, made from prestigious yarn and innovative techniques. Special to this brand is its focus on traceability. Each of their item’s origins can be traced, from spinning to weaving to the individual treatment of each clothing item, thereby promoting transparency, and strengthening the trust between customer and brand. 




The Italian company Tod’s also known as Tod’s Group is specialised in luxury shoes and leather goods. Their products are made in Italy and “Made by Humans”. The brand values fine craftsmanship and artisans. Highlights of their SS22 collection involves a refined black leather dress and colour contrasts. Tods is a brand that is aware of its social responsibility. Therefore, they are involved in projects, that for instance help restore the Colosseum. Besides, Tod’s launched: Tod’s Mosaic Sustainable and Handmade Collection. The collection consists of recycled and unused materials and brought together my traditional Italian craftsmanship. 




The Swedish brand Hodakova is committed to creating outstanding designs through sustainable practices. Designer, Ellen Hodakova Larrson only graduated in 2019 from the Swedish School of Textiles. Yet she invented a process in which she recycles textile waste and uses carefully selected second-hand clothing items. In her eyes, sustainability must be stylish to conquer the world of the mainstream. This paradigm was implemented in Hodakova’s SS22 collection and presented through chequered mesh tops, chic skirts and a maxidress made from belts.



The Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga founded his fashion label Anrealage in 2003. For him, sustainability is the source of his creations. Fashion is supposed to nurture not to consume. In his eyes, sustainable pieces can redesign themselves: Morinaga designed a few garments, made from biodegradable polyester threads and recycled polyester. He then buried them in the soil in which bacteria ate the polyester threads, which resulted in new patterns. Kunihiko Morinaga’s experimental nature was expressed in his SS22 collection, by means of sci-fi vibe dresses with abstract geometrical patterns.



Rave Review is a young Swedish fashion brand that was founded in 2018. It is known for its colourful and youthful designs, such as a combination of crop tops and work-wear cargo pants and colourful prints. Rave Review is highly commited to being as eco-friendly as possible. The brand is fond of creating new clothing items, made from recycled materials. The two founders, Livia Schück and Josephine Bergqvist started by collecting vintage and second-hand pieces themselves. Today they collaborate with several collection companies.  



+  Words:

    Lissy Reichenbach
Luxiders Magazine