Sustainable Spanish Fashion: Madrid sets the pace


Fashion is a visual statement of who we are. It defines us and connects us with people with whom we share tastes and interests. At least, that's how it was before fast-fashion arrived with its “weekly invented trends” to sell more and more disposable clothes to turn us into uniformed puppets to fulfill their ambitious financial plans.


Now that it’s been demonstrated that these cheap fashion creators are destroying our planet and disrespecting the rights of workers in disadvantaged third world countries, everyone is speaking of another kind of fashion: good fashion. Under the “sustainable” umbrella, we can find ethical fashion, social fashion, eco fashion, recycled fashion, organic fashion... A fashion that only knows of small and exclusive collections created to give us back our lost individuality, our exclusive visual statements, that which defines what we are.



Sustainable experience in Madrid

They say that the Spanish consumer isn’t yet aware of the importance of changing their buying habits towards less impulsive and more thoughtful choices. They say that in Spain there are no sustainable alternatives. Nothing could be further from the truth. Last September we traveled to Madrid to make one of our sustainable fashion productions. We looked for inspiration in the Sustainable Experience space, created by the people in charge of Momad Metropolis, the most important International Fashion Fair in Spain, to show the country’s sustainable creations.

The new director of the Salon, Charo Izquierdo, who also directs the international fashion Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ibiza shows, has one thing clear: “Fashion, it’s either sustainable, or it won’t work” - even getting to know her was enough. “In the last edition of the MBFWM, we enjoyed the first circular economy-based show, held by the designer Juanjo Oliva. With his brand Oliva, the designer presented the show Oliva Collection, a collection made with fabrics made of recycled materials, mainly plastic bottles (PET)” - states the director with pride. Fashion designers María Cle Leal or Nacho Costa have also shown on the catwalk that a different fashion is possible. And this is just the beginning.

Momad Metropolis’s management will aim to expand the offer of a conscious fashion in its next editions (even in this edition it was 15% higher than in the previous one). To our surprise, the sustainable offer isn’t only improving in space. The design of Spanish sustainable collections deserves our recognition. From Inés de la Calzada to Avasan and Sylvia Calvo, new sustainable fashion designers are delighting us with precious limited editions, made by hand under Mother Earth’s guidance.


Sustainable Experience: Top 5

Inés de la Calzada creates designs and distinction by using fabrics made from marine waste, natural silks, ecological wools and organic cotton. “Our garments are hand-painted, which makes them exclusive” - the designer tells us. “We are fashion lovers, nature lovers, so we fight for ecology, but none of this would make sense if we didn’t support fair trade, so we work with workshops in Spain, where workers' rights are guaranteed.”

The history of Biocracia is a fairytale. Its designer, Barbara Raso, is pure inspirational passion. “Our 100% organic fabrics, with GOTS/OEKOTEX certification are manufactured in India, but the garments are manufactured in Spain, supporting local workshops to help recover the Spanish industrial fabric”. When she tells us about her actual working method, it’s quite the little allegory! “We dye are fabrics with medicinal plants such as turmeric, pomegranate, indigo, aloe vera, dyeing blonde, etc. By mixing organic fibers with natural dyes we produce 100% biodegradable fabrics, that are respectful with the skin and clean for the ecosystem”. As for the design, she does them directly on the mannequin, so each garment is unique.

Sylvia Calvo BCN makes magic. She’s passionate about the principles of the circular economy, turns waste into resources with an insurmountable amount of love. Her strength is recycled coffee bags. By magic, her needle transforms them into collections of an exquisite design and impeccable finish. “Our production processes include completely handmade designs and ecological materials, both organic and recycled, that have a minimal impact on the environment. That way, each garment has a unique and distinctive style”.

Avasan is art. With an energetic aura that makes everything it comes close to positive, the brand designer, Amy Valentine, tells us that “there’s is nothing more sustainable than what already exists”. Inspired by multiculturalism, her garments are displayed as a textile collage that evokes respect and harmony between different civilizations. Amy recovers forgotten textile treasures from abandoned factories in Catalonia and turns them into unique kimonos with unequaled embroideries that capture all eyes.

D'talhes is a Portuguese brand that participated for the first time in Sustainable Experience in a space they shared with the Galician firm D'Raiz, whose customizable backpacks are a “must” for any sustainable fashion fan. Meeting D'talhes was like attending a creativity class in its purest form. The firm’s collections hide tricks that can give different uses and styles to a single garment. And what garments! 

For those looking for casual styles, the oversize looks made by Magan are the right choice. They are made in 100% organic cotton and with GOTS certification. The company offers its styles in different colors. For shoes, we really recommend to have a look to Suela Shoesmanufactured responsibly in Spain. We love its designs, the comfortability of the styles and the sustainable character of each pair. 

+ info: Momad Metrópolis