I have no leaders,

but the eyes of a girl taking water far away from home.


Her smile is my only bread.


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100% Vegan and ethical dress by LO NEEL. The brand uses pineapple, soya, banana and other future qualities as well as 100% recycled and organic materials. All garments are PETA certified. Earrings are from BAMBOLEIRA, a Colombian jewelry and accessory brand, inspired by the legacy of ancestral traditions. The brand supports the talent of indigenous women artisans and cares for the environment using naturally sourced fibers. Every piece carries the uniqueness of what has been crafted by hand.


Dresses by AATISE. The brand proposes garments ready-to wear, made in France, environmentally responsible, which is aimed at both men and women who want to engage without compromising on style. Coats are from LOVE DESIGN COMPANY. The blue coat is fake fur. The purple one is 100% wool. 


Earrings by BAMBOLEIRA. Dress by AATISE


Earrings by SOSOL AND SEA, an ethically minded jewelry line. Searching for fairer ways to produce her poetic, colorful and feminine pieces, the brand works with a specialized workshop in Tunis where socially vulnerable women reintegrate society through artisanship, and learning the production of manufactured goods. Dress by AATISE. Boots by sustainable german brand TRIPPEN. The company produces its unique shoes in its own factory according to the highest environmental and social standards.


Total look by NOUVELLE PALM BEACH, a brand that maintain sustainability from beginning to end. The process starts with responsible raw material sourcing, small lot dying, careful cut and sew cut-off re-use. Earrings are from CRAFT STORIES. The brand prides itself in collaborating with refugees living in Pakistan with the goal of sustaining their work and keeping the craft alive. 

Chaqueta de cuero hecha con hojas de piña en Francia por la marca de moda ética LO NEELEl vestido coral es deNOUVELLE PALM BEACH. Este estilo es clásico atemporal, en línea con la filosofía "menos es más" de un armario de calidad duradero. Culotte de KEDZIOREK.  

Shirt-Dress by KEDZIOREK, made locally in the region of Łódź (Poland). The company avoids wasting the remains of materials, giving them a second life. The post-production remnants are used to create "patchwork" type designs in subsequent collections. In the process of construction, they only use only recycled paper and cardboard. They pack all clothes and accessories in 100% compostable bags made from potato starch. Pants by NOUVELLE PALM BEACH. Earrings by CRAFT STORIES


Total Look by KEDZIOREK, "We are lucky to work with people full of passion and knowledge. Without our craftsmen (constructors, seamstresses, printers, knitters) who spend many hours creating the Kędziorek brand with great care, imagination would never come to reality" - the founder says.


Shirt Dress by IOANNA KOURBELA. The brand participates in the movement “Sustainability in Fashion” insisting on the need for resource sustainability, fair treatment of workers at every stage of production and consumer protection around the world. The unisex jacket is from LOVE DESIGN COMPANY, 100% wool.


Eco-friendly Total Look by WENHUA DUVERGÉ. The sweater is made of organic cotton and Non-mulesed ecological merino wool. Pants are vegan, made of organic cotton and recycled polyester.


All the labels featured in this Fashion Editorial have a commitment to sustainability and a common desire: ethics and aesthetics to co-exist within the modern fashion world.


Creative Direction & Production LUXIDERS
Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist AXELLE JÉRINA