Sustainable Summer Wishlist | Essential Basics for a Stylish and Eco-Friendly Season


As the scorching summer sun illuminates the world, it’s time to revamp our wardrobes with sustainable fashion choices that not only keep us stylish but also contribute to a healthier planet. In this guide, Luxiders presents the ultimate collection of eco-friendly summer basics that will elevate your fashion game while minimizing your carbon footprint. From breathable organic garments to fair jewellery and ethical complements, join us as we explore the essential sustainable basics that will secure your spot as a fashion-forward advocate of conscious style.

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WHY TO BUY: Paula Silván surprises us with her locally produced Mediterranean demi-fine jewellery. There is a conscious and responsible effort to use traceable materials, including 925 silver and controlled packaging from sustainable sources. The design process prioritizes minimizing waste through 3D printing and small-batch production, while also maintaining a commitment to working with local suppliers for proximity.

We love the Wolf Pendant in sterling silver, matte finish and ruthenium plated.

WHAT WE LOVE: Paula Silván’s jewellery designs blend elements of nature and emotion. She plays with lines and geometries to create elegant designs that are simultaneously expressive and visually striking. Her impeccable designs, such as the Butterfly and the Wolf, are inspired by her observations of nature. Bold and daring, Paula Silván’s Cufflinks from her men’s collection also will inspire you to take your style to the next level. Overall, Paula Silván is passionately committed to meeting our expectations by offering original, sophisticated, and ethically crafted jewellery.

Price: 290€ / $312 USD
Discover More: @paula_silvan




WHY TO BUY: Misirli1951’s artisans meticulously handcraft each cardigan using premium, sustainably sourced materials. The result is a soft and luxurious blend of natural fibres. This fun and contemporary Multi-Colour Knitwear Set consists of the Multi-Colour Knitwear Cardigan, Multi-Colour Knitwear Shorts and Multi-Colour Long Skirt. Crafted from a viscose blend in a modern graphic pattern and soft pastels, this breathable and stylish co-ord set will effortlessly find a place in your summer wardrobe.

WHAT WE LOVE: Fine craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and aesthetic designs are fundamental to Misirli1951. With over 70 years of experience, they continue to innovate by incorporating timeless designs into their collections and bringing new dimensions to their area of expertise. They prioritize sustainability through sustainable materials and production methods, social responsibility projects, ethical production, recycling, waste management, and awareness campaigns. With that in mind, they are now ready to celebrate creativity, craftsmanship and design with a global audience and will

Price: Knitwear Cardigan: $282.10 USD / 259.46€ | Knitwear Shorts: $246.52 USD / 226.73€
Shop it now: MISIRLI1951
Discover More:@misirli




WHY TO BUY: Piper & Skye is an emerging luxury handbag brand, already being recognized as a leader in responsible luxury accessories and Butterfly Mark certified. The newly release Rio Raffia Beach Bag by Piper & Skye is exquisitely crafted from natural and renewable raffia fibers and set to revolutionize beach fashion with its alluring design and unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility.

Piper & Skye’s handbags are crafted with the help of small independent artisans in North America, with complete focus on the people and planet so affected by today’s world of crushing impacts from the fashion industry. Thoughtfully designed to accommodate all your beach essentials, the Rio Raffia Beach Bag embodies the spirit of summer and radiates elegance with its impeccable craftsmanship.

WHAT WE LOVE: The Rio Raffia Beach Bag symbolizes Piper & Skye’s unwavering dedication to sustainability. The raffia fibers used are sourced responsibly from renewable materials, minimizing the impact on the environment. Elegantly trimmed with Piper & Skye’s signature sustainable Pirarucu leather, the Rio’s lightweight construction allows for easy portability, ensuring your comfort wherever your beach adventures take you. The Rio is available in three captivating color options.

Adding to its versatility, the bag features a detachable interior wristlet crafted from matching Pirarucu leather. This removable wristlet serves as both a standalone accessory and a perfect companion to the bag, providing a secure and stylish way to safeguard your small essentials.

Price: $395 USD | 365€
Shop it now: PIPER AND SKYE
Discover More:@piperandskye




WHY TO BUY: ROSéA is a luxury lingerie brand that offers the ultimate guilt-free pleasure. ROSéA takes sustainability and transparency exceptionally seriously. All of their fabrics are GRS and OEKO-TEX certified, with all the materials coming from Italy, Spain and Portugal. Hand-crafted in a small family-owned factory in Coimbra, Portugal, ROSéA prioritizes ethical practices and quality craftsmanship. They are dedicated to being fully transparent and disclosing the breakdown of the costs and the margin the brand makes. All the packaging is made of cardboard and paper, which are FSC-certified to ensure a minimal environmental impact in every aspect of the product.

WHAT WE LOVE: ROSéA embodies sustainability, sensuality, and self-expression. They believe that lingerie is an art form celebrating every woman’s beauty. As a brand committed to sustainability, ROSéA takes pride in creating exquisite bodysuits that combine style, comfort, and eco-consciousness.

The elegance and craftsmanship of the Rosé wine and champagne inspire their brand story. It symbolizes the dedication and care that farmers and producers put into their craft to achieve such delicate and beautiful beverages, similar to the garment workers. This inspiration further translated through the name ‘Lingerie Brut,’ a unique twist on the name ROSéA. It represents the exclusive taste and exquisite sensibility that define their collections.

Price: 330 – 350 €
Discover More:@rosea.lingerie




WHY TO BUY: Valley Rose is a brand that truly captures the essence of sustainability and ethics in the world of fine jewellery. Based in California, their stunning pieces are not only beautifully crafted but also environmentally conscious.

Their use of sustainable lab diamonds and fair-mined certified gold sets Valley Rose apart from the rest, ensuring that every piece is made with care for both people and the planet.

WHAT WE LOVE: Valley Rose uses certified ethical gold, ethical gemstones, & sustainable diamonds. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring that symbolizes your love or a necklace that embodies the beauty of nature and cosmos, Valley Rose has something to offer for everyone. Adorn yourself with their exquisite and ethical pieces and be a part of the movement towards sustainable and responsible fashion.

With global shipping, their innovative designs are sought after all over the world.

Price: $200-$10,000 USD |  €450-€9,000
Discover More:@valleyrosestudio




WHY TO BUY: Luxiders Magazine Print Issue 9 presents craftsmanship as the only element of real luxury, with real artists at the center of creation. In our Art Section, we talk about awakening works with artists Eva Jospin, Keith Petersen, Valeriya Simantovskaya, Rob Woodcox and Julia Ibbin. We travel to the transformation of Peru, tasting new ways of earthy gastronomy and enjoying the landscapes of visionaries. We look at the world of mushrooms and their potential in the fashion of the future. Finally, we escape our traditional routines with the help of our positive fashion stories. featuring best luxury garments with positive impact.

WHAT WE LOVE: Luxiders Magazine is the leading Sustainable Culture Magazine for conscious people. The magazine spotlights the excellence in aesthetics, cutting-edge products and lifestyle experiences strictly related to a sustainable approach. Our Print Issue N.9 focuses on artists, chefs, designers, photographers and brands that make us proud.

Overall, Luxiders Magazine aspires to expand the responsable consumption Worldwide, building a culture of respect, with positive effects on the economy, society and the environment by reducing poverty, hunger, pollution, climate change and inequalities and increasing well-being, justice and peace. Your purchase supports our work and mission: spreading sustainable culture worldwide.

Price: 15€ | $15 USD
Discover More: @luxiders_magazine




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