Sustainable Wishlist to enter September with a conscious feeling



Consumers are becoming more aware with where their garments have come from, and it is vital that as a collective we need to act imminently in order to reverse some devastating effects. Meet our new 100% sustainable discoveries and beautiful recycled garments of the month. Design, sustainability and consciousness to invest in for next years.


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Maia Dress by Danielle Fichera


Why to buy: Cool and comfortable, the white 100% linen Maia Dress is a must-have for summertime travel and relaxation. With this luxury collection for the modern voyager, Danielle Fichera proves travelling doesn't have to come at the expense of our planet. Crafting fashion-forward resort wear from Italian Organic cotton, this small-batch line makes a more sustainable option when vacationing. Produced locally, this elegant line supports womens charities too – for pieces you can truly relax in when wearing.


What we love: Danielle Fichera is proudly committed to ethical and sustainable materials and manufacturing. They have carefully researched the practices of fabric and garment manufacturing, understanding the deep impacts they have on the environment, individuals, and economies involved. They believe it is our responsibility to participate in fashion in a way that lessens the traditional effects on the environment and only heightens our positive effects on the people involved. With this in mind, they take a new circular approach to fashion, limiting their patterns and reusing their fabrics, rather than creating unnecessary waste season after season. They create timeless styles deliberately designed to last years rather than months.


Price:  716 € - £ 795 | Shop it now: Danielle Fichera


T-Cloth tunics by Worldpearlslove


Why to buy: The T-Cloth tunics are handmade by Worldpearlslove in Germany. They are all made out of vintage and unique table clothes found in special places all over the world. Every T-Cloth tunic is unique and a single piece. One size fits all, but it's up to your style and how you like to be dressed - more loose or more tight. The initial table clothes have existed for many years and may have small inclusions and slight imperfections in their material. Just these little particularities make the single pieces so special and tell authentic stories about people, love and friendship.


What we love: It’s been four years since the two Berliners Carsten and Carlotta Teubel set out on their world trip. The mission was to discover the world pearls: all countries and their unique beauty, their diverse cultures and peoples. Inspired by these pearls, the high-end fashion label Worldpearlslove was born. Wanting to make a contribution to a sustainable future, they started making exclusive, unique pieces out of vintage materials. The collection impresses not only by the special materials and the high-quality workmanship, but by the stories that one can dream of them: Which festivals were celebrated on the tablecloths? Who put a lot of love in their ornaments? In the process, the exclusive work of Worldpearlslove is imbued with plenty of mindfulness and respect for the environment.


Price: 420 - 460 € | $ 470 - 510 USD | Shop it now: Worldpearlslove


Kaftan by The Circular Project


Why to buy:  The delicate garments by Mumtoz brand are handmade with cotton or silk from old handmade looms from Uzbekistan (the native country of its creator) with an old technique called "Ikat". This name comes from the Indonesian verb "menhikat", which means "to bind". It is done exclusively by hand and consists of tying the threads in small packages and dyeing them with colors. When knitting, the pattern emerges... The collections are created slowly and ethically in Spain. Every piece is unique.


What we love: Mumtoz means "jewel". The brand proposes us to enjoy unique garments, approaching the centuries-old traditions of the Silk Road that come to our days in the form of textiles and exquisite pieces. Its value proposition: rescue old textile traditions and update them in their versatile artisan garments, with high quality natural fabrics. Garments that will accompany us for years... 


Price: 300 € / $ 332 USD  | Shop it now:  The Circular Project


Bonnie swimwear by En.Widmer


Why to buy: En.Widmer –phonetically ‘Envie de Mer’– debuts its first Kollektion Ö by merging a mysterious and artistic quality with the ease and versatility of swimwear. En.Widmer showcases lake-side appeal typical to Switzerland and strives to become fully sustainable. Starting in nature with a thread, the company uses 100% bio-based textiles made from castor-seed oil. The fabric and the swimwear are created in Italy, maintaining a high quality of fabrication whilst being ethically crafted close by. All packaging materials are both reused or recycled. 


What we love: Bonnie is their one-piece with slim straps and cinch cut-out details around abdomen and mid-back. The hand of all suits is soft with a compact stretch, adapting to multiple body types. You receive your swimwear in a unique pouch, hand-sewn from textiles that the designer Nathalie Widmer has collected and up-cycled over some years. En.Widmer is committed to granting 15% of company profits to the Chaikuni institute that is focused on preserving indigenous Peruvian cultures in harmony with the Amazon rainforest. The brand is captivating with integrity; mysterious yet transparent in practice. 


Price:  180 € - $ 200 USD  |  Shop it now: En.Widmer


Eco-stylish shoes by Ankleco


Why to buy: Ankleco makes stylish, ethical and sustainable footwear that is comfortable and durable. From design, production, manufacturing, and afterlife, sustainability is in every detail of their shoes. For example, they refused to use any metal pieces on the shoe upper which allow the whole shoe to be further decomposable and recycled. Designed in London, produced in Shanghai, they work with experienced cordwainers and an ethical workshop that is aligned to their brand values. Their meticulous handicraft skills and effort is how Ankleco’s shoes are different from those shoes. 


What we love: Inspired by morning star, their Eosphorus collection is a classic remake with the agender silhouette. It is a unique, timeless and eco-friendly shoe. The upper of the shoes are made with 100% recycled PET bottles. Their Bamboo Charcoal Fabric lining, with natural anti-odour properties, keeps your feet fresh. The natural latex insole is covered with Coffee Grind Fabric, which provides a breathable and comfortable base. The Natural Crepe Rubber sole provides excellent traction and cushioning for the feet. The collection is 100% vegan.


Price: 110-165 € / $ 120- 180 USD |  Shop it now: Ankleco


Seminyak One Piece by Santos Swim


Why to buy: The Seminyak One Piece is crafted with 78% Econyl® regenerated nylon, the innovative fiber created 100% from pre and post-consumer waste such as carpet flooring, fabric scraps, industrial plastic and abandoned fishing nets. A percentage of each purchase is donated to Healthy Seas environmental initiative to help fund the recovery of ghost fishing nets to be transformed into Econyl® regenerated nylon. Sourcing sustainable materials extends into the packaging; Santos Swim uses 100% recycled + recyclable mailers and compostable hygienic liners.


What we love: Santos Swim is a globally-conscious swimwear brand featuring classic pieces that embody the essence of destinations around the world. The Seminyak One Piece is a part of The Bali Collection, inspired by the beautiful Indonesian island where each suit is ethically sewn. Designed to be multifunctional, this elegant one piece can be also worn out as a bodysuit and is available in three colorways. We love the sophisticated scoop back and crisscross details that accentuate your body’s natural curves.

Price:  107 €  - $ 118 USD | 
Shop it now: Santos Swim


Luxiders Magazine Print #2

Why to buy: The first sustainable luxury magazine made of waste (recycled paper) aspires to expand the responsible consumption worldwide, building a culture of respect, with positive effects on the economy, society and the environment by reducing poverty, hunger, pollution, climate change and inequalities and increasing well-being, justice and peace. Issue #2 invites you to take a deep dive into the big blue, our oceans, and learn how to save them by doing little things. It also gives you the antidote to overtourism and explains why veganism is on the rise or introduce you to Zero Waste pioneers and Design Futurism Innovators, and much more...

What we love:  Luxiders Magazine Issue 2 is a real labour of love. Each word, each image, each garment featured has been carefully selected to embrace your soul and take it to a better comfort zone, where sublime imperfections disrupt the established codes. It is all about emancipation from common-sense, for the good of our future.

:  12€- $13 USD |  Shop it now: Luxiders Shop