The 8 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Cookbooks



 If you are looking for ways to incorporate more plant-based food into your diet, look no further than the 8 best vegan and vegetarian cookbooks. Whether you are a long time vegan, or new to trying plant-based cuisine, there is inspiration in here for everyone.


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With the growing popularity of plant-based diets, many are looking for delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes to make the transition away from animal products easier. Whether you are just trying to incorporate more plant-based food into your diet, or you’re a long time vegan who loves to cook – perhaps one of the 8 best vegan and vegetarian cookbooks is for you!




Vegan Christmas Feasts by Jackie Kearney

The first cookbook we recommend is, fittingly, a Christmas one. Despite the title of this cookbook, the seasonal festive dishes within are perfect for the colder months, not just for Christmas! Jackie Kearney, BBC Masterchef finalist, brings us delicious meat free recipes for the festive season. Included in this cookbook are mains, trimmings, desserts, and also food for boxing day. Putting a twist on Christmas classics like yorkshire puddings and mince pies, Kearney proves that festive food can be just as enjoyable for vegans.



East: 120 Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes from Bangalore to Beijing by Meera Sodha

With so many easy and delicious Asian-inspired recipes, Meera Sodha’s cookbook has something for everyone. From quick dinners to sweet treats, Sodha’s dishes are all packed with exciting flavours, and fairly easy to make! These vibrant meals are inspired by cuisine from Indonesia, Singapore, China, and more. Learn to cook modern dishes with practical recipes and mouth-watering flavours by using East. With 120 unique meat-free meals, anyone needing plant-based inspiration should get their hands on this cookbook.



MOB Kitchen Veggie by Ben Lebus

With the aim to feed 4 or more for under £10, the MOB Veggie recipe book provides affordable options for vegetarians and vegans alike. This cookbook consists of categories such as ‘Takeaway’, ‘Brunch’, and ‘Speedy’ – offering meat-free alternatives to family favourites. From the mighty jackfruit curry to miso-glazed sticky aubergine, the MOB veggie cookbook has a variety of recipes that range from complex to simple. Not only this, but the book suggests a song with each recipe as a fun extra feature.



Zaika by Romy Gill

Romy Gill’s vegan recipes from India are both innovative and incredibly flavoured. The design and exquisite photography in this cookbook are just the start of what it has to offer. Celebrating the flavours of Indian cuisine, this cookbook is packed with more than 100 delicious plant-based recipes. The meals can be made for a quick dinner or a leisurely family meal. They are sure to bring a renewed excitement to plant-based food for anyone who tries them. We particularly love the curries and side dishes that this cookbook contains.



Cook. Heal. Go Vegan!: A Delicious Guide to Plant-Based Cooking for Better Health and a Better World by Bailey Ruskus

Containing 70 recipes and 70 photos alongside, Cook. Heal. Go Vegan! encourages holistic healing and great flavour. The dishes are designed to increase confidence in the kitchen while producing healthy and nutrient-dense meals. Ruskus revamps comfort food like pizza and tacos, making it vegan and nourishing. Most recipes within this cookbook are gluten free, and all of them are free from refined sugars. Due to the classic dishes it recreates, this cookbook would be great for new vegans or those trying to incorporate more plant-based food to their diet.



Vegan JapanEasy by Tim Anderson

Veganising some of the most popular modern Japanese soul food dishes with a few inventive swaps, Tim Anderson presents the cookbook JapanEasy. Anderson points out that a lot of Japanese dishes are already plant-based, so with a few substitutions, your favourite meals can be made vegan too! Encouraging people to try Japanese and vegan cuisine, this cookbook contains exciting meals from cauliflower katsu curry to soy sauce butterscotch brownies. This cookbook is deliciously vegan, but you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy the recipes within.



BOSH! Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All plants. by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby 

Ranking as the highest-selling vegan cookbook ever, BOSH! The Cookbook contains over 140 indulgent recipes. With millions of fans, BOSH! lead the way when it comes to delicious plant-based food. Their aim is to ensure ingredients are easily accessible and the recipes are both fun and unpretentious. This isn’t the only BOSH! cookbook, so have a browse over their others if you’re interested in their Healthy Vegan or Speedy BOSH! books. Meals in this cookbook range from pesto lasagne to gooey PBJ brownies.



Flavour by Yotam Ottolenghi and Ixta Belfrage

Emphasising the power of vegetables in cooking, Yotam Ottolenghi and Ixta Belfrage’s vegetarian cookbook Flavour is the third in Ottolenghi’s bestselling Plenty series. The recipes in this book are packed with exciting flavour combinations, teaching readers how to use vegetables to make exceptional meals. This cookbook contains more than 100 recipes, including mushroom lasagne and miso butter onions. This cookbook is for chefs of all levels, from beginner to advanced. It is full of photography that is as colourful and bright as the recipes within.


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